Sunflower Oil Companies In Tanzania

Sunflower Oil Companies In Tanzania

Sunflower Oil is a pale yellow semi-drying or drying fatty oil expressed from the seeds of the common sunflower and used chiefly in foods, soaps, varnishes, and paints.

Sunflower Oil Companies In Tanzania

Below is the list of Sunflower Oil Companies In Tanzania

  • NAKI GROUP LIMITED. Tanzania. Refined Sunflower Oil.
  • Emmanuel Kaisi Adamas Co. Ltd. Tanzania.
  • Yaza Investment Company Limited. Tanzania. Refined Sunflower Oil.
  • JSR Traders. Tanzania.
  • Mapanda Enterprise Ltd. Tanzania.
  • Ruaha Millers Company Ltd. Tanzania.
  • Tenende Agr.Co. Ltd.
  • Great African Food Company Ltd. Tanzania.

Does Tanzania produce sunflower oil?

Tanzania is one country among others in the world producing sunflower oilseeds for raw materials in processing cholesterol-free edible cooking oil with a by-product used as livestock feeds. Currently, sunflower oil makes about 13% of the world edible oil production.

How much is sunflower per kg in Tanzania?

The retail price range in Tanzanian shilling for sunflower seeds is between TZS 1190.48 and TZS 2857.14 per kilogram or between TZS 539.9 and TZS 1295.76 per pound(lb) in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza.

Where is sunflower grown in Tanzania?

Sunflowers are mostly produced by one million smallholder farmers in 19 out of the total 30 regions of Tanzania, but production is mainly concentrated in the Central Corridor and the Southern Highlands.