Tanzania High School Structure

Tanzania High School Structure

Secondary schools in Tanzania are either private or public. there are more privately owned secondary schools compared to primary schools.  Secondary school consists of two levels namely the Ordinary level and advanced level. The ordinary level takes 4 years to complete while the advanced level only lasts 2 years. the language of instruction in secondary schools here is English.

Cost:  Public schools are tuition-free, but parents have to provide their children with school materials, uniforms, food, and transport.  Families of students attending private schools pay school fees which range from $300-$2,000 per year, depending on the status of the school.

  • Age range:  12-18
  • Duration of study:  6 years (4 years Ordinary level and 2 years advanced level)
  • Ages: 7-14 years
  • Languages: English
  • Terms: 2 (January-June and July- December)
  • Admission Term: throughout the year
  • School Types: Public, and Private.

The exam results dictate the school the student may attend which is chosen by the government.  Students who pass form 6 (division 1 being the highest and Division 4 the lowest) may continue on to University. The government will assign the University for the student and may loan upwards of 75% of the tuition for those with division 1 results.  Universities are 3 years old.    

Advanced level curriculum– The advanced level curriculum offers education in a variety of areas as follows:

Natural sciences and mathematics– physics, chemistry, biology, advanced mathematics, computer science, food and human nutrition, and agriculture.

Social sciences

Languages– KiSwahili, English, French, and Arabic

Vocational studies– textile technology and clothing, home management

Business studies– accounts, commerce, economics.

Aesthetics, physical Education, and sport– music, fine art, physical education and sport, theatre arts.

Religious studies– divinity, Islamic knowledge.

Supplementary subjects- include Basic Applied mathematics, Information and Computer Studies, and General Studies.

International secondary schools in Tanzania

Let’s take a brief look at some of the schools that offer secondary-level and advanced-level education in Tanzania. These are most preferred by expatriates, and foreigners living in Tanzania, and those seeking to study in a foreign place.

International school of Tanganyika

This is an independent, private, co-educational international, and non-profit day school located on two campuses in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The school offers a middle years program for grades 6 to 10 and an International Baccalaureate program fr grades 11 to 12.

  • Established: 1963
  • Address: PO Box 2651, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Levels: year 6-10
  • Type: Private, co-educational
  • Accreditation/membership: International Baccalaureate, MSA, Council of International Schools, Association of International Schools in Africa, and more.
  • Admission term: throughout the year
  • Terms: 3

The school offers the Middle Years Programme (MYP) which is targeted at children in grades 6 to 10, for students aged 11 to 16. The middle years’ program focuses on 6 global contexts, namely Identities and relationships, Personal and cultural identity, Orientations in space and time, Scientific and technical innovation, Fairness and development, and Globalization and sustainability. The MYP program emphasizes acquiring skills and self-awareness, the development of personal values, and authentic action, to mention but a few.

Curriculum– the Middle Years Programme (MYP) curriculum is made up of eight subject groups: sciences, arts, design, mathematics, individuals and societies, language and literature, language acquisition, and physical and health education.

IB Diploma Programme– This is a program that encompasses grades 11 to 12. The program is aimed at producing young adults who have a broad academic base, inquisitive minds, and diverse social interests.

IB Curriculum– students must choose at least one subject from five groups including their best language, an additional language, social sciences, experimental sciences, and mathematics. Subjects here include Language A: Literature, Language Acquisition, AB Initio Languages, Individuals and Societies, Individuals and Societies / Sciences, Sciences, Mathematics, and The Arts.

Extracurricular activities– the school offers students a variety of extracurricular activities including Music, drama, fine arts, writing, photography, videography, robotics, Tinga-Tinga painting, and Tanzanian drumming, and a wide variety of sporting codes.

Prospective students- Admission to the school depends on the applicant meeting the admission criteria, namely academic performance, behavior, and the ability to benefit from the rigorous International Baccalaureate Programme. Some of the requirements here include:

  • A copy of each parent or guardian’s passport information page.
  • A copy of each child’s passport, information page. 
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate or identity document.
  • A recent passport-size photo of each child and parents or guardian.
  • School Reports, Transcripts for the current academic year.
  • Previous School Reports, Transcripts, or Test Reports for the last school year.
  • Any psycho-educational or special education evaluations/records
  • Proof of disability.
  • Copy of a valid Residency Permit
  • A Non-refundable $500 Application Fee for each application.

Where records or documents are not in English, they should be translated by an official translator.  

Tuition and Fees

Annual Tuition Fee -2020 – 2021

Grades                                                                        TZS (Millions)            USD ($)

Grade 6 – 8                                                                  61.57                           26 200

Grade 9 – 10                                                                65.33                           27 800

Grade 11 and 12 (IBDP 1 and 2)                               75.20                           32 000

Other fees

Non-Refundable Application Fee- New Students     TZS 1.18                                 US $500

Annual Capital Fee- Non-Refundable                        TZS 2.35                                 US $1 000

Annual Tuition Deposit- Non-Refundable                 TZS 2.35                                 US $1 000

Family Deposit- New Students                                  TZS 1.18                                 US $500

Alumni Fee (once off) – New Students Only             TZS 0.23                                 US $100

Feza international school- Salasala

This is a privately owned international school serving the education needs of students in Tanzania and especially International and Foreign students. Feza international school- Salasala has a diverse international community of students and staff. It offers the Cambridge International Education System, with English as the primary language of instruction.

  • Established: 2011
  • Address: Block F Plot 2054 Salasala, Dar es Salaam 77965 TANZANIA
  • Levels: year 6-12
  • Type: Private  
  • Student population: 455
  • International student representation: 34%
  • Academic staff: 78
  • Terms: 3
  • Tuition fees: 4 500 USD
  • Accreditation: Cambridge University International Exam Centre, CIS.
  • Opening hours: 08:00am-03:30pm (Monday to Friday), 08:30am-1:30pm (Saturdays).

Lower Secondary – lower secondary encompasses years 7 to 9, for 11 to 14 years olds. Lower secondary provides a natural progression for children from primary education and prepares them for educational programs that lead to formal qualifications. a variety of subjects are offered here including English, science, mathematics, Art, Music, Computing, Physical Education, French, PSHE, Global Perspectives, Social Science, Kiswahili, and Turkish, to mention but a few.

IGCSE – this encompasses years 10 to 11 for 15 to 16 years old. In Years 10 and 11 students study for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). Students here study English, Maths and at least one Science subject. Other subjects to choose from including Accounting, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, Economics, French Language, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, Sociology, Kiswahili Language, Physical Education, PSHE, and Turkish Language.

Advanced-Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced Level– this level teaches students at a higher level and prepares them for higher education and life after high school. Subjects offered here include Accounting, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, Sociology, Computer Science, Physical Education (P.E.), and PSHE.

Facilities– The secondary schools offer a variety of facilities that are meant to aid in learning and provide the best learning environment and experience. These include an Indoor Swimming pool, a close gym, artificial carpeted football field, canteen, spacious dining hall, relaxing points, bedrooms, activity rooms, fully air-conditioned and equipped classrooms with smart boards, laboratories, and two libraries, to mention but a few.

Clubs and extracurricular Activities– these school encourages students to take up an extracurricular activity and join any of the clubs available. These include Mass media club, Basketball club, Football club, swimming club, Table tennis, Taekwondo, Music, Time to Help, Handycraft, Hour of code, Cooking club, and Web designing.

Tuition and fees        

Non-refundable admission fee- $1000                                                          

Year                                                                                        Day-$              Boarding-$

Year 7-9                                                                                  10570             13 600

Year 10-11                                                                              10 900             13 930

Year 12-13                                                                              11 540             14 570

Braeburn Dar Es Salaam International School (BDIS)

This is an international co-educational school in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania offering education for children aged 2 to 16. Students follow an internationalized National Curriculum of England in Key Stages 1to 3, and the Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE courses in Key Stage 4. The school seeks to provide opportunities for students of different abilities and backgrounds to develop academically and socially to become confident individuals, successful learners, and responsible citizens.

  • Established: 2015
  • Location: Africana/Mbezi Beach, off Bagamoyo Road at the Africana Junction, Dar es Salaam
  • Levels: year 7-12
  • Type: Private  
  • Terms: 3
  • Membership: Braeburn Group of International Schools.


In Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 9), students follow an internationalized version of the National Curriculum of England which is adapted for the Tanzania context. In Year 9, students are assisted to choose the IGCSE courses that fit their strengths and career goals.  In Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11), students follow the IGCSE courses provided by Cambridge International.  Students will study English Language, English Literature and Mathematics, and one science, and they will choose five other subjects. The school’s curriculum is diverse and goes beyond the classroom and does not only focus on high academic achievement but also emphasizes the importance of other areas including sport, the creative arts, outdoor activities, and community service.

Tuition and fees

Basic fees (2021 academic year)

Year Group                                                   Annual Tuition Fee (US$)    Deposit (US$)

Years 7 to 9                                                     18 105                                     300

Year 10                                                           19 188                                     300

Year 11 (Two Billings)                                   19 188                                     300

Extracurricular activities– students are encouraged to take part in at least one extra-curricular activity per week. The school’s extra-curricular Programme supports the individual development of the students and enhances skills, confidence, leadership and prospects. Activities offered here include Arts and Crafts, Ballet, Board games, Chess, Community service, Dance, Debating, Environmental awareness, First aid, Martial arts (Taekwondo and Karate), Maths Challenge, Model United Nations, Dancing, School production, Scouts, Sewing, STEM, and Storytelling.

Sports- these school also offers a variety of seasonal sports codes. These include Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Cross-country, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Swimming, and Tennis. Students can take these up either for recreation or competitively.

Facilities– the school offers a variety of state of the art facilities including A well-stocked Library, a Music and drama suite, Two laboratories, an ICT suite, an Information technology suite, A specialist science laboratory and preparation rooms, a Specialist art room, a Lush playing field, Tennis and basketball courts, A 25-meter swimming pool and a small learners’ pool, A multipurpose hall, a Media center, and an Assembly or exam room.