The Open University of Tanzania (OUT) Postgraduate Online Application

The Open University of Tanzania (OUT) Postgraduate Online Application


Collect a hard copy application form from the Open University of Tanzania centers or downloaded them from the university website.

They next filled in the forms and return them to DPS with copies of their academic certificates and transcripts in person or by snail mail. After receiving these applications, the directorate takes the packages to relevant departments for assessment of their fitness for enrolment into programmes of their choice.

Upon recommendations by the departments, the directorate post names of the selected applicants to the university website, after which, the enrolled students collect their admission letters at the nearest Open University of Tanzania center. The process is followed by students’ manual registration at the Open University of Tanzania Regional Centres.

Traditional application mode has the following procedures:

i.Applicants are required to submit ONE COPY of this application form.

ii.Certified copies of certificates and their associated transcripts must be attached to and submitted with the completed form. Any application not accompanied by these documents will neither be processed nor acknowledged.

iii. The copyof the filled in application form and the indicated attachments should be returned directly to any close Open University of Tanzania regional/coordinating centre or to Director of Research, Publications and Postgraduate StudiesThe Open University of Tanzania, P. O. Box 23409Dar es SalaamTANZANIA.


The application package can be scanned and sent AS ONE PDF FILEby mail to (KINDLY DO NOT SENT SEVERAL ATTACHMENTS SEPARATELY)

iv.Check our website after a month time to see if you are selected to join the program of your choice.

v.If selected and advertised on our website, collect your admission letter at Postgraduate Admission Office at OUT headquarters (Block A Building, Ground Floor – Left wing) or at any OUT centre which is closest to you.

vi.Receive detailed program requirements, handouts and time table from your programme coordinators (their contacts are always provided in your admission letter)

vii.Register for the course into which you are admitted and begin your studies with immediate effect

1.1.1. Guideline For Preparing A Tentative Research Proposal For Registration To A Master Degree By Thesis Or A PhD Degree By Online Or Traditional Method
Title: The Applicant Should Give A Clear Title Of The Research Topic That Will Be The Basis For Deciding On The Faculty In Which The Research Will Be Conducted And Guiding The Faculty On The Search For Supervisor(S).

A brief statement of the research problem: under this heading, the applicant should outline the research problem, giving the background to it, and its significance.

Brief literature review: the applicant should also give a brief review presenting the principal literature on the problem area i.e. what has been done on the research problem. He/she should list the preliminary references cited in the text of the statement or tentative research proposal. Authors names should be according to agreed conventions.

Research objectives:the applicant should show the principal objectives of the intended research, outline what gaps of knowledge will be filled through the research, and what advances will be made when the research plan is executed. Provisional hypotheses should be presented, if already formulated.

Research methodology: the applicant should briefly indicate the instruments to be used and methods to be adopted in carrying out research.

However, remember that individual postgraduate programmes may have specific requirements, which are not presented here. Therefore, kindly see the details regarding the programmes of your choice at the Open University and related issues in our current University Prospectus, which is available on our website or at the OUT Centre closest to you.


Before sending your application by post or mail, ensure the following please:

  1. All personal data filled (postal address, email, phone number) (           )
  2. Names are written as they appear in secondary education certificate
  3. All academic certificates are attached (form 4, form 6/equivalent, BA/adv. Dip) (           )
  4. All attendant transcripts of the certificates are attached (           )
  5. Transcripts are placed next to their attendant certificates (           )
  6. Attachments to the form are arranged in ascending order (           )
  7. The sought programme is ticked (           )
  8. The mode of study is indicated (           )
  9. Transcripts are certified by a notary (           )
  10. Concept note is attached (for those who intend to study by thesis mode) (           )
  11. The form is signed (           )