Title Plots For Sale In Uganda

Title Plots For Sale In Uganda

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Land titling is a form of land reform in which private individuals and families are given formal property rights for land which they have previously occupied informally or used on the basis of customary land tenure.

Proponents argue that providing formal titles increases security of land tenure, supports development of markets in land, and allows better access to credit (using land titles as collateral).

Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto Polar is the most well-known advocate of the approach, but it has a long history.

Recently, “inspired by these ideas, and fostered by international development agencies, land titling programs have been launched throughout developing and transition economies as part of poverty alleviation efforts.”

The goals of poverty alleviation and urban management, however, can lead to conflicts in the design of land titling programs.

According to the World Bank, in “Why Secure Land Rights Matter” (2017): Only 30% of the world’s population has a legally registered title to their land.

How can I get a land title?

The Applicant must have in his/her possession fully completed Forms 4, 10, 19, 23, a set of 3 authentic deed plans, 3 Passport Photographs, Receipts of Payment and a forwarding letter requesting for a Freehold title signed by the District Land Officer of the respective District where the land is located.

Title Plots For Sale In Uganda

Below are the Title Plots For Sale In Uganda

Prime Plots of 15 Decimals for Sale in Kiwologoma

USh 100,000,000

Estate Plots at Joggo-Budugala

USh 25,000,000

per Plot

Namusera Tongolo Estate With Titles

USh 20,000,000
per Plot

Plot for Sale at Katooke

USh 4,500,000
per Plot

Mubango Estate on Sale With Titles

USh 25,000,000
per Plot

30 Decimals in Mbalwa for Sale

USh 350,000,000

Plot for Sale in Namugongo Joggo

Outright Price

USh 7,000,000

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How do I find land titles in Uganda?

  1. Make a written Request for a search addressed to the Commissioner, Land. Registration giving the description of the Land:
  2. The application is presented to the Office of Commissioner Land Registration.
  3. The bearer pays that amount in the bank and obtains a receipt that is presented to the Land Office. .
  4. 7096 Kampala, Uganda.

How to buy land in Uganda?

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Understanding the process of buying land in Uganda

  1. A visit to the property.
  2. Carry out a search at the Ministry of lands.
  3. Negotiation with the seller.
  4. Hire a surveyor to verify the land size.
  5. Preparation of sale agreement and payments.
  6. Transfer of rights.
  7. Property valuation.
  8. Payment of stamp duty.

How much is an acre of land in Uganda?

The average price of land for sale in Uganda is USh 85,000,000 per acre. The most expensive land costs USh 250,000,000 per acre while the cheapest costs USh 85,000,000 per acre. There are 1,518 listings and 28 available land for sale in Uganda.