Top 10 Beautiful Cities In Uganda

Top 10 Beautiful Cities In Uganda

  • In this article, discover the full list of the top 10 Beautiful Cities in Uganda

Below is the full list of the top 10 Beautiful Cities in Uganda

1. Kampala

Kampala is the capital and one of the cities in Uganda to visit. This city is a few km from L. Victoria shores on Port Bell. Like Old Kampala, Mengo, Kibuli, Lubaga, Namirembe, Kasubi, and Nsambya, Kampala was originally formed covering 7 hills. Kabaka Mutesa 1 had gazetted before the colonial time that area as a hunting ground especially the Kampala due to its great population of antelopes. They named it a hill of Kmpalas which the Baganda translated into ‘akasozi k’empala’ that was later named Kampala when Europeans came. Including statehouse, National Television, ministerial offices, and the Uganda parliament most of the administrative offices are located.

2. Entebbe

At the shores of L. VictoriaThe city of Entebbe is located about 40km southwest of Kampala. It is also home to gateway to the country and Uganda’s only international airport. It is considered in one of the best cities in Uganda. Where the president stays Entebbe also has the second presidential home (state house) when he is not in his upcountry home or Kampala. The city derived its name from a Luganda word ’Entebe.’ Entebe meaning is a seat/chair. While solving legal conflicts place is where the Baganda chiefs used to seat. As the administrative center of the country, the area was also adopted by the colonial government.

3. Jinja

Along the shores of L. Victoria, Jinja is another town located about 87 km by road east of Kampala. This one of the Uganda cities oldest industrial centers. After Kampala, though some sources give it the 3rd place after Mbarara and the city is arguably the 2nd largest and busiest cities. It is where the Owen falls dam; enabling the blossoming of a number of industries, the country’s main electricity plant is located.

4. Mbal

Mbale city is the capital of the Bamasaba people. It is located about 245 km by road northeast of Kampala. The city is the largest commercial and business center for this sub-region with businessmen coming as far as Kenya to conduct business here. It is now one of the most beautiful cities in Uganda. At about 240,900 people, the national census of 1991 estimated the district population.  In 2002, Eleven years later, with an annual population growth rate of 2.5%, the national census that year put the population in the district at 332,600. 

5. Gulu

Gulu town is commercial capital for the Acholi sub-region and the main business hub. Gulu has located about 340 km by road north of Kampala. It is one of the important cities in Uganda. From an Acholi word which means ‘pot’, the town derived its name. The name referring to its location in a depression of a prehistoric flood plain. In 1991, the national population census has estimated the population of the population at about 211,800. 

6. Mbarara

Mbarara is one of the largest cities in Uganda located about 290 km southwest of Kampala. It is the largest city in the western region and the capital of the Ankole Sub-region. It is counted in one of the top 5 cities in Uganda. While its close proximity to L. Mburo National park assures visitors of shopping opportunities, it is also the major transit town for tourists to the western national parks of Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth.

7. Fort Portal

Fort Portal is set at the base of the Rwenzori Mountains. Like Kibale, Queen Elizabeth, and Bwindi national parks, it is your access point to attractions. Fort Portal is near Kibale’s exotic rainforest, additionally. Include cave exploration and game excursions in Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary, things to do in this one of the main cities in Uganda.  It is one of the rich ecosystems in East Africa explore these cities in Uganda and experience the magic.

8. Nansana

Nansana is located in the Central region of Uganda. It is 13 kilometers northwest of Kampala, along the main highway of Kampala-Hoima.  The city is known as a dormitory town to Kampala. Many workers in the city live in Nansana and commute to the city daily to work due to its proximity to Kampala. The economy of this most-visited city in Uganda. largely depends on that of Kampala. Because the city provides no tangible revenue to the government, there are plans to transform the town into a commercial hub for businesses.