Top 10 Best Primary Schools In Uganda

Top 10 Best Primary Schools In Uganda

  • In this article, discover the full list of the top 10 Best Primary Schools in Uganda

Below is the full list of the top 10 Best Primary Schools in Uganda

1. St. Savio Kisubi Primary School

Located along the Kampala-Entebbe highway, St Savio Kisubi Primary School has always been one of the best performers, and also one of the most reputable schools.

As for the 2023 UNEB Primary Leaving Examinations, St Savio was at the top of the table with 137 students with first grades, and a 100% passing rate with no candidate with a second grade.

2. Uganda Martyrs Katwe Primary School

Not only was Uganda Martyrs Katwe Primary School the leader in the humongous city of Masaka, but it was also actually the second-best performer in the country.

The school also registered 100% of pupils with first grade in the final examinations, but just seven students less than St Savio Kisubi

3. Namiryango Junior Boys Primary School

Located in the heart of Seeta Mukono, Namiryango Junior Boys Primary School has continued to solidify its position among the primary schools with 127 students in the first grade in the 2023 UNEB PLE exams.

4. Kisosso parent’s Primary school

Lwengo district, for a while, wasn’t known as among the best districts in terms of education performance, until the rise of schools like Kisosso parents primary school.

This school came in fourth position with 100 pupils in Division One, which was also a 100% pass rate.

5. Banyaterezas Golden Memorial Primary School

Banyanterezas Golden Memorial primary school is located in Fort Portal, making it the best elementary school in the Toro sub-region, and the region’s representative in the country’s Big 10.

6. Mbale Tower primary school

Mbale Tower Primary School is located in Mbale City, one of Uganda’s youngest cities in Uganda, recently named due to the rapid development and the increasing population in the city.

The school had all its 66 candidates in Division 1, making it the 6th in the country.

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7. Njara Primary School

Fort Portal was once again represented on the list of the top ten by Njara Primary School, also having a passing rate of 100%, with 52 pupils of the school in Division 1.

8. Ntandi SDA integrated Primary school

Even though the district is usually plagued with political instability and epidemics like Ebola, Bundibugyo’s education sector has continued to grow, with  Ntandi SDA Integrated Primary School representing on the top 10 list. See Also: Top 300 Best Primary Schools In Uganda

The Adventist-founded school also had a rate of 100% with 48 pupils in Division 1.

9. Parental Care primary school

Located in Bushenyi District in South Western Uganda, Parental Care Primary School is almost tied with Ntandi SDA, having 47 pupils in Division 1 and a 100% pass rate, making them number 9.

10. Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary School Kisaasi

Coming in the 10th Position is Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary School Kisaasi, with 100% of pupils in the first grade (43 pupils).

How many primary schools are there in Uganda?

In terms of infrastructure, in 2014, the number of Government primary schools stood at 12,203 while classroom stock was at 103,186 (ESSAPR, 2013/14).

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