Top 10 Business In Tanzania

Top 10 Business In Tanzania

The economy of Tanzania is making growth as well as expanding. This is an advantage for you to start your business in Tanzania. There are various businesses that you can start here in this country. Some of them are discussed here.

  1. Teaching and Training.
  2. Commercial Farming.
  3. Open a Poultry Business in Tanzania.
  4. Food Processing.
  5. Mobile Car Wash.
  6. Solar Panel.
  7. Co-working space.
  8. App Development.
  9. Computer and Smartphone Repair
  10. Food Truck

What products are in high demand in Tanzania?

  • Electronics.
  • Clothing and Accessories.
  • Fashion.
  • Health and Beauty Products.
  • Baby Products.
  • Mobile Accessories.
  • Computer Accessories.
  • Gaming Console.

What is the largest business in Tanzania?

Leading companies in Tanzania in 2022, by revenue (in million U.S. dollars)

CharacteristicRevenue in million U.S. dollars
Vodacom Tanzania420
Tanzania Breweries415
Tanzania Portland Cement170
Tanzania Ciggarette Co.121