Top 10 Businesses To Do In Tanzania

Top 10 Businesses To Do In Tanzania

Below Is The Top 10 Businesses To Do In Tanzania

1. Teaching and Training

Tanzania has a great demand for good teachers. Hence you can start teaching students of different classes and levels which will fetch you a good profit. Training in job-centered courses also has good demand. So start your teaching or training center and earn good money. You can teach from home, in a classroom or rented center, or online. Good networking with the students as well as parents is very important to grow your business.

2. Commercial Farming

Commercial farming has a good prospect in Tanzania because there is no scarcity of fertile lands, a good climate, and cheap labor in the country. You can start your business of commercial farming on a large plot of land using modern machinery. Both food crops, as well as cash crops, grow well in Tanzania. Food crops include Maize, Cassava, Sweet Potatoes, and Sugarcane, while cash crops are coffee, tea, tobacco, etc. You can choose any of them. The farming business will fetch you a good profit.

3. Open a Poultry Business in Tanzania

The poultry business is very profitable in Tanzania. You can choose a plot and start your poultry of breeding chicken, which has a very good demand. Supervision of the poultry is very important and it is best to do it yourself. Also, keep good contact with a vet for any health-related problems of the chicks. Coordination with the market is also necessary for the sale of your products.

4. Food Processing

Tanzania grows a variety of crops like maize, sweet potatoes, bananas, coffee, tea, etc. However, very few know the processing and preservation method of crops. Hence food processing business will be a profitable venture for you. You can start a food processing unit located close to the farms and earn good money by selling the processed crops.

5. Mobile Car Wash

mobile car washing service is a good business idea for you in Tanzania. Apart from the cleaning essentials, you need a van to reach your customer’s place to provide a car washing service. If you can add a repair service along with a car wash, you can earn more money.

6. Solar Panel

Solar power is in much demand in Tanzania as it is blessed with bright sunshine around the year. Hence you can start a solar panel manufacturing business. Adding the services of installation and repair of solar panels will give you more profit.

7. Co-working space

You can start a business of co-working space in the big cities of Tanzania as many medium and small entrepreneurs are unable to or do not have an office. You can offer sitting arrangements, computers, printers, scanners, and internet facilities along with a conference room in your co-working space based on rent. Renting the space to multiple clients will get you a good income.

8. App Development

Different kinds of apps are much sought after in Tanzania. You can avail of this opportunity and start your business app development company. Try making apps for different service companies wherein the app will make their companies to reach customers. On the other hand, customers will also find it convenient to use the apps for their benefit.

9. Computer and Smartphone Repair

The use of computers and smartphones has increased to a great extent in Tanzania. Therefore there is a demand for repair of these. If you are skilled in computer and smartphone repair, you can start your cell phone repair service business. You can do it from your home and after your business scales up rent shop space. A good personal network both at the official as well as local level will fetch you a good income from this business.

10. Food Truck

The food truck business has a good market in Tanzania. You need a truck with cooking arrangements and your culinary skill for this business. Serve fresh and tasty food, mainly different fast food from your truck. Take the truck to different crowded places throughout the day for maximum sales. Focus on the lunch hours when the sale is maximum.

What is the fastest-growing sector in Tanzania?

The focus of this economic update is the tourism sector, which is clearly central to Tanzania’s drive toward economic emergence. Riding on the country’s bountiful natural assets, tourism is a fast-growing sector that is not only providing jobs but is also bringing in much-needed foreign currency.