Top 10 Hit Songs In Uganda

Top 10 Hit Songs In Uganda

  • In this article, discover the full list of the top 10 Hit Songs in Uganda

Below is the full list of the top 10 Hit Songs in Uganda

Bailando Vinka. 1 LD. LW. PV.

Shabada Mudra, Ava Peace. 2 LD. 2 LW. 1 PV.

Promise Liam Voice. 3 LD. 1 LW.

Risk Vyroota. 4 LD. 3 LW.

Nkujjukira Sheebah Karungi. 5 LD. 4 LW.

Pose Fik Fameica, Kataleya and Kandle. 6 LD. 5 LW.

Enfunayo Alien skin. 7 LD. 32 LW.

Did I Die Remix Hatim and Dokey Ft Sheebah, Feffe Bussi, Vampino & D’Mario. 8 LD. 16 LW.

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What is the latest song in Uganda?


  • Content By Izon T.
  • Wapae By 6ix9ine, Angel Dior, Lenier, Bulin 47.
  • Muzinyi By Kid Dee.
  • Don’t Worry By Geosteady.
  • Tonyongera By Racheal Namiiro.
  • Bailando By Vinka.
  • Egorora By Clever Spider.
  • Kola Sente By Ragga Ben.

Which song has the most views on YouTube in Uganda?

The great video made ‘Nalonda Nemala‘ a must-watch project. The song topped different music charts across the country and currently has 2.2 million views on YouTube.