Top 10 Most Educated Tribes In Uganda

Top 10 Most Educated Tribes In Uganda

  • In this article, discover the full list of the top 10 Most Educated Tribes in Uganda

Below is the full list of the top 10 Most Educated Tribes in Uganda

The Baganda

The Baganda are the most educated Tribe in Uganda. They account for over 38% of all educational institutions in Uganda because of their strategic location in the capital Kampala and the central region. This has boosted education levels over the last 20 years.

The Banyankole

The Banyakole are the second most educated tribe in Uganda. Their High population in the country has enabled more public and private education institutes to be set up in there are in their area in Ankole region which has drastically increased their literacy.


The Iteso are also one in the top 3 most educated Tribe. They are also regarded the Best English speaking tribe in the country. From the East they have a High number of Primary education leavers.


The Bakiga come in as the fourth most educated tribe. This is because of the High number of Public Higher institutions in Kabale region which accounts for over 80% of higher institutions in the whole Kigezi region with Kabale University, UCC, NTC and ACCCT.


The Basoga have one of the Highest educated populations in the country which mainly due to the High number of Public UPE and USE which are public programs for free education. Busoga is one of the most provided in terms of UPE education although some areas are limited in education.


The Batoro are one of the most educated regions and tribes in the country with over 62 % of their population literate with at least primary education. This is due to their location as the Tourism city Fort Portal.


The Acholi fall Short in seventh falling from top 5 where it was in the 1990’s. It is however reviving since early 2000 introduction of UPE and USE education by the government.


The Bagishu from the East are eight due to some factors one being poverty which has affected the private education leaving only public education to fill the hole for literacy.


The Alur are ninth on the list due to their recent efforts by the local leaders to encourage most of the people in the Alur to take their children to the Available public schools.


The Bafumbbira come in 10th was one of the most educated indigenous populations in the country. This is due to the increased effort in public school development since 2006 when they reformed with newer leadership.


The Banyoro are also part of the Highest literate populations in Uganda. However they come in at a lower number because their education is supported by mainly public institutions which accounts for over 50% of students among the tribe.