Top 10 Safari Operators In Tanzania

Top 10 Safari Operators In Tanzania

Overall, recently these are the top 6 Tanzania safari companies based on their lengthy histories of offering wonderful Tanzania safari experiences, top-notch customer service, budget-friendly tour packages, and the best customer satisfaction ratings. These include:

  1. Focus East Africa Tours
  2. Roy Safaris
  3. Gosheni Safaris
  4. Nomad Tanzania
  5. Yellow Zebra Safaris
  6. National Geographic Expeditions

The following categories of Tanzania safari companies are used to group all of the Best Tanzania Safari Companies listed in this article: group, private luxury, adventure, family, and conservation-focused safaris.


The best Tanzanian safari companies for group safaris are Altezza Travel, Roy Safaris, Suricata Safaris, Meru Slopes, and G-Adventures. They provide low-cost, small-to-medium-sized group safaris with set itineraries that visit Tanzania’s most well-known national parks and tourist hotspots.

  1. Altezza Travel

The operational offices of Altezza, which specialize in mountain climbing, wildlife safaris, and beach vacations, are located close to Mount Kilimanjaro, so they are always available to help. Two hotels, a trained guide staff that regularly attends training sessions, and an in-house fleet of vehicles all belong to Altezza.

  1. Roy Safaris

In the 25 years that Roy Safaris has been in the travel business, an astonishing 70% of customers have either returned or been referred. Small groups are the target audience for their safari vacations, which also provide custom options like photographic safaris.