Top 5 Largest Tribes In Tanzania

Top 5 Largest Tribes In Tanzania

Tribes of Tanzania

  • Sukuma​
  • Chagga.
  • Maasai.
  • Hadzabe (Hadza)
  • Iraqw​

Which are the biggest tribes in Tanzania?

Sukuma was the largest ethnic group in Tanzania as of 2021. Around 17.5 percent of the surveyed population identified themselves as from the Bantu ethnic group. Nearly six percent belonged to the Ha group, while 4.1 percent were from the Gogo group.

What is the largest ethnic tribe in Tanzania?

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Tanzania’s largest tribal group is the Sukuma, a Bantu group of around 5.5 million people that lives in the north of the country and around the southern shores of Lake Victoria.

What is the second-largest tribe in Tanzania?

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The Nyamwezi tribe is the second-largest tribe in Tanzania is another massive and unique ethnic group in the country. They have a population of about 1.5 million people and their name Nyamwezi is of Swahili origin meaning “people of the moon” or “people of the west”.