Top Business Opportunities In Tanzania

Top Business Opportunities In Tanzania

The economy of Tanzania is making growth as well as expanding. This is an advantage for you to start your business in Tanzania. There are various businesses that you can start here in this country. Some of them are discussed here.

Teaching and Training.

Commercial Farming.

Open a Poultry Business in Tanzania.

Food Processing.

Mobile Car Wash.

Solar Panel.

Co-working space.

App Development.

Computer and Smartphone Repair

Food Truck



Start a Salon Business in Tanzania

Handicraft Shop

Fashion Design

Car and Scooter Rental

LPG Distribution

Business Consultant

Manpower/Employment Agency

Open a Bakery

Start a Restaurant Business in Tanzania

Meal Delivery

Child Care

Digital Marketing

Event Management

What products are in high demand in Tanzania?

  • Electronics.
  • Clothing and Accessories.
  • Fashion.
  • Health and Beauty Products.
  • Baby Products.
  • Mobile Accessories.
  • Computer Accessories.
  • Gaming Console.

What are the business opportunities available in Tanzania?

The top three sectors that have great potential in Tanzania include ICT, Infrastructure, and Agribusiness. Mobile applications that can help develop local businesses are a huge opportunity for U.S. companies to explore. The government has invested heavily in infrastructure projects such as railways, roads, and airports.