Top Gynecologists In Uganda

Top Gynecologists In Uganda

A gynecologist diagnoses and treats issues with female reproductive organs. They deal with all aspects of sexual health like preventive care, cancer screenings, and physical exams. Some of the services and tests provided are Pelvic exams and external genital exams.

  • In this article, discover the full list of the top Gynecologists in Uganda

Below is the full list of the top Gynecologists in Uganda

Dr. Lynette Ninsiima.

Dr. Nyombi Jafhar.

Dr. Dennis Kinene.

Dr. Collins Muwonge.

Dr. Dickson Kaaya.

Dr. Ozelle Herbert.

Dr. Daisy Musinguzi.

Dr. Samuel Kagali.

Dr. Paul Muwanguzi

Dr. Muhumuza Joseph

Dr. Medard Mwebesa

Dr. Martin Kugonza

Dr. Sarah Mutoni

How many Gynaecologists are there in Uganda?

Most of the factors which lead to bad health indicators are preventable conditions. Currently, we have about 130 Gynaecologists in our Country, and about 75% of them are urban-based.

Which subject is best for gynecology?

A gynecologist must earn a high school diploma and complete a bachelor’s degree that includes one full-year course in chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, and English composition before applying to medical school.