Top Recruitment Agencies In Uganda

Top Recruitment Agencies In Uganda

A recruitment agency is a business that is hired by companies and organizations to find suitable employees. Employers outsource recruitment because it takes a lot of resources and not everyone has the expertise to find and recruit the best talent themselves.

  • In this article, discover the full list of the top Recruitment Agencies in Uganda

Below is the full list of the top Recruitment Agencies in Uganda

2Niles Public Relations Agency Limited (Plot 1846, Omulen Close, Nsambya, opposite Human Rights House) 0414 347199, 0772 924414, 0702 924414 Email:

The Gideon’s Men Ltd (Plot No. 31/47 Port Bell Rd, Luzira) TEL:0414220702, Email:

Normandy Company Uganda Ltd (Plot 136, Bukoto Street, Kamwokya) Email:

A. G. Security Group Limited (Plot 3676, Magoba Lane, Kisugu) Tel 0414 269373, 0312 109351, Email:

Security Link Limited (Plot 126, Sentema Rd, Bulange Mengo) Tel: 0312 106527. Email:,

Ham Property Services and Management Limited (Bakuli, Hoima Rd, opposite Old Kampala Primary School) 0773 5110262, 0706 817990 Email:

Maghrib Agencies Limited (Plot 161 Entebbe Road, Najjanankumbi Stella opposite Nyondo) Tel: 0772 515462, 0701 215090, 0753 666605


Saracen (U) Limited P.O. Box 22693, Kampala 38 Rotary Avenue, Lugogo Bypass

Email Tel 0759600040, 0414233516

Tirajo Employment Agency Limited (Plot 29, Ntinda-Nakawa Rd)

Tel: 0700480631 Email:

International Employment Linkages (U) Limited (Plot 173, Mutesa II Rd Ntinda) 0772470489, 0772791265, What’s app: 0772791265 Email:

Middle East Consultants Limited (Plot 21/31 Tank Hill Road, Muyenga)

Tel: 0701 188367, 0392 882374 Email:

Competitive Manpower International Limited (Beta House, Kigowa, Ntinda)

Tel:0782120964 Email:

Round-Off International Limited (Seguku) Tel; 0414469953, 0775195705


Mobile Labour International Limited (Unik House, Kyaliwajjara – Namugongo Road) TEL: 0704655533 Email:

Horeb Services (U) Limited (Mbogo House, Wankulukuku opposite Kitebi SS) Tel: 0772 332939, 0701 332939 Email:

Axis Warriors Limited (Plot 22, Bunyonyi Drive, Bugolobi-Kataza) Tel: 0772 979191, 0751068003 Email:

Reliable Logicians Uganda Limited (Plot 2010/2012, Portbell Rd, Luzira)

Email: Tel: 072497642/0787600058/0705600058

SWATT Services Limited (Plot 678, Kiwempe Road, next to Wonder World, Kansanga) TEL: 0790919087/0751425060/0703690204


Al-Madinah Agency Limited (Bukoto, Near Bukoto Heights)

TEL: 0777578972/0704171830/0706404180


True North Consult Limited (Plot 2A Neptune Avenue, Port Bell Road, Mbuya) TEL: 0701369194/0787653460.


Verdant Pastures Agency (U) Limited (Lubaga Road) Tel: 0782885756 Email:

Eskom Link Limited (Bamako Arcade, Entebbe Rd)

Email: TEL: 0782230440

KHM International Consultants Ltd. (Kibuga Block 101/393, Mengo Nabulagala Road). Tel: 0702 000777, 0706 223399 Email:

Global Manpower Solutions.U. Limited (Plot 4605 Kiwatule Rd, Buye – Ntinda) TEL: 0393516590/77662535    Email:

Essential Communications Limited (Plot 251, Buye Ssempagala Zone, Ntinda)TEL: +256752755846/+256772437650 Email:

Malisu Apollo Investments Limited (MTAC Building – Nakawa)

Tel: 0773 001186 Email:

Spin Labour Consultants Limited (Mengo)

Tel :0414690400/0702222288 Email:

Trustin Company Limited (Mutungo Zone 4)

TEL:0776027292/0772176752. Web: www.trustin

Amiyal Sefer Limited (Kamuli Road, Kireka)

Tel: 0200 906963/ 0755 549599/0703561255 Email:

Golden Arm Limited (Mugerwa Close, Gogonya Road, Nsambya behind Joint Medical Stores) Tel: 0752 238439, 0703 672414 Email:

Alasker International Limited (Plot 86, Lubaga Road)

Tel: 0775 717140, 0701 699489, 0782 699489 Email:

Augustine International University Limited (Bunga Hill)

Email: ,

TEL: 0772647799/0712888888/0784179967/0777745520

Archeris New Limited (Seguku, Entebbe Road P.o. Box Entebbe) Tel: 0701122157

Raama Africano (U) Limited (Plot 6487, Katuso Rise, Buziga) TEL: 0702528352/+256200923636/+256200923425; Email: /

ABS Consulting Group Limited (Pilkington Road, Workers House 9th Floor)

Tel: 00414255405/077451877


Cella Investments Limited (Ssempagala Road, behind Life Link Medical Centre) 256703 919465, 0704 907500 Email:

Bright Star Creations International Limited (Plot 89 Bukoto Street)

Tel 0392 17 8830 Email:

Jericho International Uganda Limited (Luwum Street, Kizito Towers, 4th Floor) Email:, Tel: +256392178652, +256782300470

ISAB International Limited (Plot 1447, Block 10 Kayiwa Village, Namirembe)

Tel: 0414 699212/0752966556/0751110046 Email:

Tusano Combined Uganda Limited (Plot 149, Rubaga Road, Access Building)

Tel: 0705757401. Email:

Alsalam Logistics & Consultancy Limited (Plot 023, Dr Sembeguya Road, Kawempe) Tel: 0414 660825 Email:

Provio International Limited (Bukoto-Kisasi Road)

Tel: 0772485708, 0772431758 Email:

Ridar Uganda Limited, Bukoto Kampala

Tel: 0772719570/0772676033/0702432446 Email:

Creative Group International Limited (Sentema Road, Mengo)


Afrisky International Limited (Plot 882 Kisasi Road)

Tel: +256782207487 Email: enantamu@afri/

Jabez Consultants Limited (Plot No. 208, Bombo Road, Ketifalawo Zone – Kawempe)

Email: Tel: +25670238100/+256772389100

Alkareb Limited (House No. 2, Kasalina Estate-opposite Mengo Hospital)

Email:;TEL: 0782707711/0751337533

Greener Pastures Overseas Consultants Limited (Kabalagala opposite Shell Petrol Station) Tel: 0702263340/0774225599 Email:

Explorer Dubai Limited (Namugongo, Old Kira Road)

Email:   ; Tel: :0704022400

Ez Visa Kampala (Plot 26, Wampewo Avenue, Bakwanye House

Email: TEL: 0752603995 /0794723392

Al-Saud Agency Limited (Kibuye, Salama Road)


Taiba Manpower Agency Limited (Plot 430, Kyadondo, Bweyogerere)

TEL: 0701885299/0702297372 Email:

Triple World Group (U) Limited (Mutesa 1 Road-Mengo)

EMAIL:        TEL: 0782721476/0752037891

Six Stars International Limited (Plot 30A, Bombo Road)


TEL: +256414667290/0772593536/0772428740/0772593536

Mariba Agencies Limited (Colvile Street, Shumuk House)

Protectorate S.P.C (U) Limited (Plot 3, Bukasa Road)


TEL: 0752755845/0757755845/0701819709/0772921877

Amazing Grace Labour Services Limited (Mwesige Road, Kyaliwajjala, Namugongo)

TEL: 041466694/0772445596/ EMAIL:

Swift International Recruiters Limited (Busabala Stage, K & M Complex, Suite No. 11, 3rd Floor) TEL: +256200902069/0772021772


Marphie International Recruitment Agency Limited (Plot 200, Kampala Road) Email: Tel: 0772647799

Al Quarashee Co. Limited (Plot 115/116, Nsalo Road opposite old Kampala Primary School) TEL: +256701944212/0706482551/Email:

Labour World Connect Limited (Oasis Mall, Yusuf Lule Road)

EMAIL: /Tel 0200923890

Elfirsan Group Limited (Luthuli Avenue) TEL:077666638/0701900303


Prime Linkages Limited (Plot 847 Mbogo Road, Kawempe)

EMAIL: TEL: 0776571157/0700571157

Doxa Connections Limited (Cecilia Road, Senfuma Close Mutungo Zone II)

EMAIL: / TEL: 0778906540

Great Lakes HRM Limited (Plot 39A, Lumumba Avenue, Mukwasi House Room 4, 4th Floor) EMAIL:


Derm Logistics Uganda Limited (Plot 47/49 Nkrumah Road, Cooperative Alliance Building) Email: /Tel: 0772403006/0772982751

Professional Recruitment Services Limited (Along Nsambya Gogonya Road)


TEL: +256414660405/+256704292173/+256775302114 

Premier Recruitment Limited (Crane Bank Chambers Road, P.O Box 3673, Kampala

Email: /TEL: 0414343500/0772777773/0776203205

Rangers security Limited /Emil:

TEL: 0772427460/0701427461/0701428875

Elite Winners Agencies /Email:

Tel: 0700517160/0775514527

Tempcro International Limited Kawuku Kisubiro, Kisubi Rd Tel 0777149211

Khaleej Agencies Limited, Workshop Road, P.O Box 433, Jinja.

TEL:0712304411/075442003 /Email:

Falcon Manpower Ltd, Naigaga Complex, Bugolobi, PO Box 25562, Kampala.

Email: /Tel: 0772372411

Fresh Mind International Limited, Nalukolongo Road, P.O BOX 5633, Kampala


TEL: 0414-697096/0783183252/0782809456

Dream Connect Limited (Kisugu/Kibuli-Kibazo Road, P.O Box 5279, Kampala, Tel: 039206199) Email: /Tel: 0772403006/0772982751

Macro Manpower Limited (Parliamentary Avenue Plot 4 E-cobank Plaza, P.O Box 20051, Kampala) Email: TEL: +256755336688/+256772336688

Elite Placements Consulting Limited (Plot 7755, Block 244 Muyenga-Kironde Road, P.O Box 3695, Kampala, Tel: 0772336227)

Email:  / Tel: 0702740970

Sipi Contours Company (U) Limited, S.K House, Plot 397 Block 232, P.O BOX 26693, Kampala, EMAIL: /TEL:0788685679/0705171814

Rokas Recruitment Services Limited, Makindye Lukuli Road, P.O BOX 17873 Kampala, Tel: 0785948377 Email: 

Ambatt Recruitment Company, Bweyogere, Jinja Road, P.O Box 30640, Kampala, Email: Tel: 0705298429

How Do I Register A Recruitment Company In Uganda?


Applicant must be registered under the Companies Act or Partnership Act of Uganda.

If partnership half of the partners must be Ugandans citizens.

The partnership or company must have a minimum of fifty million Uganda shillings as share capital.

Must have a maintaining balance of Shs.

What Should I Expect From A Recruitment Agency In Uganda?

Faster Hiring Process.

Perfect Candidates.

Proper Recruitment Knowledge.

Extensive Knowledge of the Market.

Additional Services.

Get in Touch with the Hiring Manager.

Place a Job Posting.

Reach Out to Candidates.

What Services Does A Recruitment Agency Provide In Uganda?

A recruitment agency is an external business that finds staff for job vacancies. Acting on behalf of the employer, an agency (often called an employment agency, staffing agency or recruitment consultancy) manages the hiring process and supplies potential candidates for permanent, temporary or contract jobs.

What Makes A Successful Recruitment Agency In Uganda?

To be a successful agency candidates and clients have to be able to trust them. Building credibility starts from the moment people interact, and is sustained by delivering on what you have committed to do, communicating regularly, and in general, acting with integrity.

How Do I Send My CV To A Recruitment Agency In Uganda?

Use your letter to introduce yourself, specify what kind of jobs you are interested in, and highlight the most pertinent parts of your CV. Deliver your CV and cover letter to the agency. Use whatever method is preferred by the company, either by hand, by mail, or by e-mail.

What Should I Say In A Recruiting Interview In Uganda?

“I was so excited when I learned this position was open.

“This job aligns well with my experience and qualifications, and here’s why.

“I read about that project on your website.

“Let me tell you about a time that I solved a problem like that.

How Do Recruitment Agencies Get Paid In Uganda?

Staffing agencies typically charge 25% to 100% of the hired employee’s wages. So, for example, if you and the staffing agency have agreed on a markup of 50% and the new employee earns an hourly wage of UGX 37665.45, you will pay the agency UGX 56498.18 per hour for their work.

How Do Recruiters Get Paid In Uganda?

Most agency recruiters have a base salary and are paid commissions by placing candidates with companies they recruit on behalf of.

How Do You Check If An Agency Is Registered In Uganda?

Full name of the agency (type of agency)

Full address of the agency.

Telephone numbers / mobile contact details.

Email address (if available)

Website address (if there is any)

Name of the official representative.

How Do Recruiters Get Clients In Uganda?

Ways To Find Clients For Your Recruiting Firm

1: Job Posting Websites.

2: Social Media Searching.

3: Email Marketing.

4: Follow Up Calls.

5: Ask for Referrals.

6: Networking.

7: Cold Calling.

8: Content Marketing.

Do Recruitment Agencies Help With CV In Uganda?

Recruitment agencies have an extensive database or ‘talent community’ of great candidates, and often fill positions without advertising. It is good to register your CV with a few good agencies so that they have your details on record for when a role in your field comes up.