Top Ten [10] Richest Bloggers in Uganda

Top Ten [10] Richest Bloggers in Uganda

A blogger is someone who writes regularly for an online journal or website. A political blogger might provide weekly commentary on current events. A personal blogger keeps a website which may include diary-like entries, photographs, and links to other sites.

The art of writing is a niche that several individuals have perfected over years, now with established blog. These bloggers write on different topics raging from news and politics, technology and reviews, current news and gossip.

There are several already known names in this sphere whereas others are new and upcoming.

Here are some of the leading richest bloggers in Uganda

1.Edward Echwalu (Photographer)

Gone are the days when photography was left to school drop-outs. Echwalu is one of those bloggers who changed the Ugandan thinking about photography. He was 1st Runner-Up, CNN Multichoice African Journalist of the Year Awards 2012 (Muhammed Amin Photographic Award). He is a freelance photojournalist with Reuters and The Observer. His blog is popular in and out of Uganda. He tops the list of Ugandan bloggers. He is probably, the most talented and most professional photographer in Uganda.

Find him on

2. Leah Cherotich (Fashion Blogger)

She made her name as the first fashion blogger in the history of Uganda. Her blog under the tagline, Haute-mess etc and with the URL address has grown to become one of the Ugandan trend-setters in the field of fashion and design. Her concepts are original and she’s an expert in her field.

3. Grace Nafuna (Entertainment Blogger)

She blogs about fashion, music to love, gossip and entertainment. Her blog, is one of the most followed blogs in Uganda and it influences the trends in the country.

4. Daniel kalinaki (Social-Political Blogger)

The former managing editor of Daily Monitor continues to influence the political sphere through his blog: Even though he’s not as active as he used to be, his blog continues to receive traffic on past articles. He’s definitely a major voice.

5. Drew Ddembe (Social-Political Blogger)

He rose to fame following his exchanges with Nina Mbabazi (the PM’s daughter) through the ‘letter to Nina’ series and having replies from Nina with ‘Letter to Ddembe.’ He has no political affiliation but his views are always the backbone of many political ideologies in the country. He blogs under the tagline of Drew Ddembe’s musings on

6. Timothy Kalyegira (Political Blogger)

This avid Museveni critic who was once arrested for his rabid criticism of the president and other government policies has grown into a brand name in the online world. With his he’s a force to reckon and he influences the Ugandan citizenry with his thoughts. His first blog, Uganda records online was hacked and closed down by the government.

7. Ernest Bazanye (Humour Blogger)

Just like his blog says, this satirist’s blog is about Lies, treachery and sundry deceits. When it comes to this field of comical ‘writivisim’, only people like Harry Sagara can try to compete with him. He enjoys his huge following on

8. Charlotte Beauvoisin (Tour and Travel Blogger)

She runs the blog; Dairy of a Muzungu. Her Uganda travel blog documents her adventures in the country as she comes in touch with nature and the environment as a whole. She is the most respected in this field for the case of Uganda. Her blog is

9. Sheila Gombya (Gossip Blogger)

She’s all about gossip in the Ugandan entertainment website. And she does it so well on her blog She’s followed and her gossip usually makes it to many Ugandan Daily Newspapers.

10. David Tumusiime

This Daily Monitor columnist runs a popular blog ‘Mad and crazy’ aka He is all about life stories, wonderful cut-across social stories and sometimes, political stories. His blog is worth a read and it’s very informative and he takes it so serious.