Top Ten Richest People In Tanzania

Top Ten Richest People In Tanzania

Below is the Ten Richest People In Tanzania

1. Mohammed Dewji – $1.5 billion

Mohammed Dewji (net worth: $1.5 billion) is the richest person in Tanzania. He is the founder and CEO of METL Group, a diversified conglomerate with interests in manufacturing, agriculture, real estate, and financial services. Dewji was the first Tanzanian on the cover of Forbes magazine, in 2013.

2. Rostam Aziz – $1 billion

Rostam Aziz (net worth: $1 billion) is a self-made Tanzanian billionaire, business magnate, economist and former politician. Rostam Azizi of Tanzania owns nearly 18% of Vodacom Tanzania, the country’s largest mobile phone company, with 10 million subscribers. In May 2014, he sold 17% of Vodacom Tanzania to Vodacom Group of South Africa for an estimated $250 million.

3. Said Salim Bakhresa – $800 million

Said Salim Bakhresa (net worth: $800 million) is a Tanzanian business tycoon. He is the founder and the chairperson of the Bakhresa Group of companies. He is a well-known industrialist in the mainland of Tanzania and the island of Zanzibar.

4. Ally Awadh – $600 million

Ally Awadh is one of Tanzania’s most prominent businessmen. Lake Oil Group, which Ally Awadh founded in 2006, is one of East and Central Africa’s fastest-growing energy trading and transportation conglomerates.

5. Shekhar Kanabar – $500 million

Shekhar Kanabar is the CEO of Synergy Group, a 50-year-old family-owned Tanzanian conglomerate with investments and active operations in manufacturing, battery recycling and automotive spare parts.

6. Ghalib Said Mohamed -$400 million

Tanzanian multi-millionaire Ghalib Said Mohamed got his early start in business by working for his father’s cashew farming and general trading business. He soon broke out on his own and founded the GSM Group, a diverse Tanzanian conglomerate that deals with general trading, transportation, logistics, media, manufacturing, real estate, retailing and financial services.

7. Fida Hussein Rashid – $150 million

In 1973 Fida Hussein Rashid founded the Africarriers Group, a pioneer in the trading of second hand vehicles in Tanzania. Africarriers went on to become one of the first companies in East Africa to import Japanese cars such as Toyota into the East Africa. The company today is the exclusive distributor for brands such as Eicher and Golden Dragon.

8. Yogesh Manek – $100 million

Manek founded the MAC Group in Tanzania in 1980. It’s most prominent business is EXIM Bank, one of the 3 largest banks in Tanzania in terms of customer and asset base. He also owns the Heritage Insurance Company and Strategis, the country’s leading health maintenance organization (HMO).

9. Yusuf Manji – $70 million

Manji inherited a small trading company from his parents and parlayed it into the Quality Group, a Tanzanian conglomerate with interests in financial services, healthcare, food processing and property development. Manji is the chairman of Young Africans SC, arguably the most successful football club in Tanzania.

10. Haroon Zakaria – $60 million

Murzah Oils, the company which Haroon Zakaria founded in 1997, is one of East Africa’s leading manufacturers of edible oils, toilet and laundry soaps, vegetable cooking fat, bakers’ fat and margarine. The company records revenue of more than $100 million annually.