Toyota IST For Sale In Uganda

Toyota IST For Sale In Uganda

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The Toyota Ist, Toyota Isuto) (stylised as ist) is a subcompact car manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota. It is exported to the United States as the Scion xA and Scion xD, the Middle East as the Toyota xA and to Europe and Latin America as the Toyota Urban Cruiser for the second generation.

The Ist, the sixth brand to use the Vitz as the base model, was conceived as a high-end multi-use compact car with SUV-like styling and wagon-like roominess.

The car was fitted with either a 1.3-liter (FWD) or a 1.5-liter engine (FWD or 4WD), with a Super ECT transmission. A wide front grille consisting of two thick horizontal bars, large 15-inch tires, and extended wheel arches gave the vehicle its unique and dynamic exterior styling.

What is the fuel consumption of Toyota IST?

Average fuel consumption of Toyota IST is almost 27 mpg.

How many Litres is a Toyota IST fuel tank?

45 Liters

Toyota IST For Sale In Uganda

Below are the Toyota IST For Sale In Uganda

Toyota IST 2011 Silver

USh 28,000,000

Toyota IST 2002

USh 18,500,000

Toyota IST 2005 Silver

USh 28,500,000

Toyota IST 2008 White

USh 37,000,000

Toyota IST 2008 Silver

USh 37,000,000

Toyota IST 2002 Silver

USh 15,500,000

Toyota IST 2008 Black

USh 25,500,000

Toyota IST 2007 White

USh 27,500,000

Toyota IST 2002 Pearl

USh 15,000,000

Toyota IST 2009 Gray

USh 26,000,000

Toyota IST 2005 Silver

USh 22,000,000

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What does Toyota IST stand for?

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The car’s name is derived from the suffix “-ist,” the name points to a person who is passionate about something (stylist, artist, specialist, and so on).

Is Toyota IST still in production?

Production of the Ist ended in March 2016. Sales of the Ist were discontinued in Japan on 29 April 2016. It was replaced by the Yaris Cross in 2020.