Trampoline For Sale In Uganda

Trampoline For Sale In Uganda

Learn more about Trampoline

A trampoline is a device consisting of a piece of taut, strong fabric stretched between a steel frame using many coiled springs. Not all trampolines have springs, as the Springfree Trampoline uses glass-reinforced plastic rods. People bounce on trampolines for recreational and competitive purposes.

The fabric that users bounce on (commonly known as the “bounce mat” or “trampoline bed”) is not elastic itself; the elasticity is provided by the springs that connect it to the frame, which store potential energy.

What are trampolines used for?

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The trampoline is used in the sport of trampolining (sometimes called rebound tumbling). In the sport, the trampoline is used to rebound the athlete, so he or she can perform acrobatic movements in midair. The trampoline is also a training tool for gymnasts, divers, and pole vaulters.

Can adults use trampolines?

Trampolines aren’t just for kids anymore. Over the past few years, fitness trampolines have taken social media by storm.¬†Thanks to these small, indoor fitness trampolines, more and more adults are remembering just how much fun they used to have jumping around in the backyard.

Trampoline For Sale In Uganda

Below are Trampoline For Sale In Uganda

Indoor Outdoor Bounce Fitness Trampoline With Enclosure 8′

USh 1,790,000

Kids Trampoline

USh 350,000

Big Trampoline Jumping Mat

USh 3,200,000


USh 3,000,000

Brand New Trampolines for Sale in Uganda

USh 1,800,000

Kids Trampolines Available On Sale

USh 3,200,000

Kids Trampolines for Sale

USh 1,800,000

Brand New Trampolines

USh 2,000,000

Trampoline for Kids (1.2 Metres in Diameter)

USh 370,000

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Where to buy Trampoline In Uganda

Here are Where to buy Trampoline In Uganda

Game Kampala

Address: Lugogo By-Pass Plot 2-8, Lugugo Mall, Uganda

Phone: +256 31 2350400

Prifare Fun Zone

Address: 7JP6+QG5, Road, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 781 706543

Twist N’ Bounce

Address: 7JP6+QG5, Road, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 781 706543


Address: Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 778 533730