UBTEB Approved Programmes Uganda [Business, Special, Technical and Vocational]

Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) Approved Programmes

Specialised Programmes

Biological Sciences (Duration: 2 years)

  1. Certificate in Fisheries Management and Technologies
  2. Certificate in Boat Building and Marine Mechanics
  3. Certificate in Wildlife & Natural Resource Management (CWM)
  4. Certificate in Wildlife Tourism Management (CWT)
  5. Diploma in Fisheries Management and Technologies
  6. National Diploma in Animal Production and management 
  7. National Diploma in Crop Production and management
  8. Diploma in Wildlife and Natural Resource Management
  9. Diploma in Wildlife Tourism 
  10. Diploma in Boat Building and Marine mechanics 

Physical Sciences (Duration: 2 years)

  1. Certificate in Meteorology
  2. Diploma in Meteorology
  3. Diploma in Agro-meteorology
  4. Diploma in Land Management & Valuation
  5. Diploma in Cartography
  6. Diploma in Land Surveying
  7. Diploma in Physical Planning


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Business Programmes

Business Diploma programs (Duration: 2 years)

  1. National Diploma in Business Studies 
  2. National Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management 
  3. National Diploma in Marketing 
  4. National Diploma in Secretarial Studies 
  5. National Diploma in Accountancy 
  6. National Diploma in Business Management 
  7. National Diploma In Journalism 
  8. National Diploma in Cosmetology 
  9. Uganda Diploma in Business Studies 
  10. Uganda Diploma in Secretarial Studies  and Information Management
  11. Uganda Diploma in Hotel and Institutional Catering
  12. Diploma in Procurement and Logistics and Management 
  13. National Diploma in Business Studies  
  14. National Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management 
  15. Diploma in Records and Information Management
  16. Commonwealth Diploma in Youths in Development Work
  17. Diploma in Project Planning and Management

Business Certificate Programmes programs (Duration: 2 years)

  1. National Certificate in Business Studies
  2. National Certificate  in Purchasing and Supplies Management
  3. National Certificate  in Marketing 
  4. National Certificate  in Secretarial Studies
  5. National Certificate  in Accountancy
  6. National Certificate in Business Management
  7. National Certificate in Cosmetology
  8. Certificate in Records and Information Management 
  9. Certificate in Hotel and Institutional Catering 
  10. Certificate in Secretarial and Information Management 
  11. Certificate in Procurement and Supplies Management 
  12. Certificate in Clearing and Forwarding 
  13. Certificate in Public Administration and Management 
  14. Certificate in Social Work and Social Administration 
  15. Certificate in Business Administration 
  16. Certificate in Secretarial and Information Management 
  17. Certificate in Records and Archives Management
  18. Certificate in Records and Information Management
  19. Certificate in Library Information Science
  20. Certificate in Computer Science 
  21. Certificate in Accounting  and  Finance
  22. Certificate in Human Resource Management
  23. Certificate in  Clearing Forwarding & Shipping  Management
  24. Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Business Management
  25.  Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  26. Certificate in Computing and Information Systems
  27. Certificate in Computer Science and Technology
  28. Certificate in Computer Engineering
  29. Certificate in Journalism and Media Studies

Cooperatives (Duration: 2 years)

1.Certificate in Cooperatives and Business Administration

2.Diploma in Cooperatives and Business Administration



Technical and Vocational



  1. Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  2. Higher National Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  3. Higher Diploma in Construction (Building & Civil Engineering)


  1. National Diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  2. National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  3. National Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  4. National Diploma in Civil Engineering
  5. National Diploma in Architecture
  6. National Diploma in Water Engineering
  7. National Diploma in Ceramics Engineering
  8. National Diploma in Information & Communication  Technology 
  9. Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering


  1.  Motor Vehicle Technician Course Part II
  2. Carpentry & Joinery Craft Part II
  3. Block Laying & Concrete Practice Part II
  4. Plumbing in East African Countries Craft Part II 
  5. Tailoring & Cutting Garments Craft Part II
  6. Electrical Installation Craft Course Part III
  7. Radio, Television & Electronics Technician Course Part II
  8. Painters & Decorators Craft Course Part II


  1. National Certificate in Woodwork Technology 
  2. National Certificate in Welding And Fabrication
  3. National Certificate in Plumbing
  4. National Certificate in Automotive Mechanics
  5. National Certificate in Building Construction
  6. National Certificate in Electronics Technology 
  7. National Certificate in Electrical Installation Systems And Maintenance
  8. National Certificate in Machining and Fitting 
  9. National Certificate in Painting and Decorating
  10. National Certificate in Fashion and Garment Design
  11. National Certificate in Refrigeration And Air Conditioning
  12. National Certificate In Hotel Management And Institutional Catering
  13. National Certificate in Cosmetology &Body therapy
  14. National Certificate in Agriculture
  15. Leather Tanning & Shoe Making Craft Part I 
  16. Pottery & Ceramics Craft Part I
  17. Agricultural Engineering Mechanics II
  18. Certificate in Electrical and Electronics  


  1. Welding and Metal Fabrication
  2. Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  3. Block laying and Concrete Practice
  4. Electrical Installation Practice
  5. Plumbing and Pipe fitting
  6. Carpentry and Joinery
  7. Community Polytechnic Certificate in Agriculture
  8. Garment Design and Construction
  9. Fabric and Interior Design
  10. Food preparation and Processing
  11. Leather Work & Shoe making
  12. Business studies (Accounting)
  13. Business studies (Computer studies)
  14. Business studies (Secretarial studies)
  15. Business studies (Store keeping)
  16. Community Polytechnic Certificate in Agriculture (CPCA)


All programmes at Certificate and Diploma level take a duration of two years effective Academic year 2018/2019

Programmes examined by UBTEB keep increasing as and when accredited/approved by the nationally mandated Departments and Agencies.

For more information on these programmes and accredited Examination Centres, visit our website; www.ubteb.go.ug

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