Uganda Immigration Service Fees

Uganda Immigration Service Fees




ITEM                                    MATTERFEES
  1.      Passports 
  (a)   Diplomatic passport500,000/=
  (b)  Service passport400,000/=
  (c)   Ordinary  passport (48 pages)250,000/=
  (d)  Ordinary passport (64pages)350,000/=
  (e)   Conventional Travel Documents (CTDs)220,000/=
  (f)    Fee for express processing of passport150,000/=
  (g)  Courier fee sending passport to person outside Uganda 10,000/=
  (h)  Fee for certification of passport30,000/=
  (i)    Fine for lost passport100,000/=
  (j)    Mutilated passport100,000/=
  2.      Visa Fees 
  (a)   Single entry visaUS$ 50
  (b)  Single East African tourist visaUS$ 100
  (c)   Multiple entry visa-   (i)   6-12 months   (ii) 24 months   (iii)                      36 months  US$ 100 US$ 150 US$ 200
  (d)  Visa on arrival transaction chargeUS$ 5
  3.      Certificate of residence 
  (a)   5 yearsUS$ 4000
  (b)  10 yearsUS$ 3500
  (c)   15 yearsUS$ 3500
  (d)  For LifeUS$ 3000
  (e)   Due to marriage to a UgandanUS$ 2000
  (f)    Former Ugandan (for life)US$  200
  (g)  Processing fee non refundable)for Certificate of residence (not applicable to former Ugandans)US$  200
  4.      Passes 
  (a)   Student passUS$ 100
  (b)  Special pass  (3 months)US$ 400
  (c)   Special pass Extension (2 months)US$ 300
  (d)  Intern or research passUS$ 700
  (e)   Dependant pass: spouseUS$ 350
  (f)    Dependant pass: childUS$ 200
  (g)  Dependant pass: othersUS$ 1000
  5.      Citizenship 
  (a)   Citizenship application processing fee (not applicable to former Ugandans and citizenship by naturalization)  US$ 200
  (b)  Citizenship by registration 
 (i)Long/lawful stayUS$ 5000
 (ii)Citizenship by marriage to a UgandanUS$ 3000
 (iii)Spouses to registered citizensUS$ 5000
  (c)   Citizenship by naturalizationUGX 100,000
  (d)  Dual citizenship 
 (i)Dual citizenship by Ugandans in the diasporaUS$ 200
 (ii)Dual citizenship-Non UgandanUS$5000
  (e)   A Ugandan registering an adopted foreign childUS$ 500
  (f)    Replacement of citizenship certificate 
   (i)   NaturalizationUS$ 30
   (ii) RegistrationUS$ 500
      (ii)Dual-non Ugandan; andUS$ 500
      (iv)Dual-former Ugandan.US$ 50
  6.      Other fees 
  (a)   Appeal feesUS$ 500
  (b)  Illegal stay (per day)US$ 20
  (c)   Certification fees (per copy)UGX 50,000
  (d)  Replacement of entry Permit/certificate of residence and passUS$ 300
  (e)   Review of passes, work permits, certificate of residence and citizenship applicationsUS$ 200
  (f)    Airlines or carriers for inadmissible passengerUS$ 3000
  (g)  Certificate of identityUGX 40,000
  (h)  Temporary movement permitUGX 10,000

                           PART II- WORK PERMITS

Item                 Matter       Fees per year
  (a)   Non-refundable prepayment fee on application of a work permit for Classes B1,C1,D,F,G2 and H.US$ 1500
  (b)  Class A2 Government contracts (foreign expatriates employees on Government contracts)US$ 500
  (c)    Class B1 (Agriculture)US$ 2,500
  (d)  Class B2 (Agro processing)           US$400
  (e)   Class C1 (Mining of other minerals)  US$2,500
  (f)    Class C2 (Mining of gold, copper, iron ore, silca , phosphate, limestone and marble)           US$400
  (g)  Class D (Business and trade)US$ 2,500
  (h)  Class E (investors in manufacturing sector)           US$400
  (i)    Class F (Professionals)US$3,000
  (j)    Class G1 (missionaries and volunteers in NGOs)US$250
  (k)  Class G2 (expatriates employment) including salaried foreign employees in NGOs.US$ 2500
  (l)    Class G3 (Rare skilled foreign nationals employed in  agro- processing, mining of selected minerals (gold, copper, iron ore, silca, phosphate, limestone, marble) and manufacturingUS$ 400
  (m)         Class H (ordinary residents)US$ 1500
  (n)  Six month work permitHalf of the prescribed fee in respect of every class except permits of US$400 and GI (missionaries and volunteers in NGOs) who will still pay US$ 400 and US$ 250 respectively.
 Citizens of the United Republic of Tanzania, irrespective of class of entry permitUS$ 1550