UNEB A Level Grading System

UNEB A Level Grading System

UNEB A Level Grading System – Check details:

According to officials, all A’s will only be distinctions irrespective of papers done; removing favour to Biology,  Geography Chemistry and other subjects comprising of three papers.

“The need to raise the grading was to ensure competition on a global stage as the country prepares to achieve the middle income status” read part of a statement released on Thursday morning.

“The system has each script passing through a panel of 10 checkers to ensure added scrutiny to eliminate marking mistakes.” UNEB A Level Grading System

Full Grading System

80% -100% – D1

75% – 79% – D2

70% – 74% – Credit 3

65% – 69% – Credit 4

60% – 64% – Credit 5

55% – 59% – Credit 6

45% – 54% – Pass 7

35% – 44% – Pass 8

00 – 34% – Failure

With effect from 2015 UACE, for one to get an A, you must have not exceeded 4 aggregates for a two paper subject and no credit must appear in either of the subsequent papers of that subject as it was in previous years. They must be distinction throughout. For example, 1,11,22,22,1 earns a student an A while 1,33,1 earns a student a B yet the sub-total is the same (4)

For subjects with 3 papers, the student must score 2,2,3 or only distinctions (1s or 2s) not exceeding 7. Even if a student score a sub-total of 7 but exceeds a 3 in any of the subsequent papers i.e 1,1,5; such a student scores a B instead of an A even though the sub-total is 7 aggregates.

The situation gets worse as you move to grade B,C,D and E

In summary, it is not easy as it used to be, students, staff and administration must work harder and parents should come in to understand these changing trends so that together we can keep the standards of the school