UNEB O’ Level Grading Systerm

UNEB O Level Grading System

UNEB O Level Grading System – Check details below:

Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) proposed a grading system for the Uganda Certificate of Education (O-Level) examinations in this year.

The proposed guide was posted on Uneb’s Facebook page. According to the grading system on the Facebook page, a D1 will range from 95% to 100% while an F9 will start at 0 to 49%.

Proposed Grading for UCE

F9 (0-49)

P8 (50-54)

P7 (56-59)

C6 (60-65)

C5 (66-69)

C4 (70-79)

C3 (80-89)

D2 (90-94)

D1 (95-100)

What is the grading system of O level?

5.8 For ‘O’ level grades, Distinctions 1 & 2 carry 0.3 points, Credits 3 to 6 carry 0.2 ,Passes 7 & 8 carry 0.1 and Fail (9) carry 0.0 weights respectively. 5.9 For A’ Level grades, the conversion scale is A=6, B=5, C=4, D=3, E=2, O=1, F=0 points.

What is the grading for UCE?

Using SMS, Go to messages. Type the Exam code say, UACE [leave space] INDEX NUMBER and send to 6600.
For example,

  1. To check for UACE candidate 000012/003.
  2. Go to messages, type UACE 000012/003 and send to 6600.
  3. You will receive an SMS with the results.
  4. Please note that this service is charged UGX 500 per SMS.