UNEB Online Scouting Application Form

UNEB Online Scouting Application Form

UNEB Scouting Online Application Form – How To Apply:

Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) is registering teachers who wish to apply for invigilating and marking national examinations through the new UNEB Examiners & Scouts Management Information System (UESMIS).

There’re two categories of applicants: Scouts and Examiners for all levels (i.e PLE,UCE & UACE). The following are the procedures for the applications:

Note the following:

  1. All applications for Scouts are done online and using this system: UNEB Examiners and Scouts Management Information System (UESMIS).
  2. Click on the “Sign Up” button below to create your user account, if its your first time to use the system
  3. Remember, sign up is done once,and you’ll use the same credentials whenever you’re using this system
  4. Upon successful sign up, the system will direct you to the login page,where you will be required to enter the phone number and password which you used when you were signing up
  5. You must first login in order for you to apply. UNEB Scouting Online Application Form

Application Requirements for Scouting

All Ugandans are eligible for recruitment as UNEB Scouts as long as they meet up with the following requirements. They should be:

  1. Practicing qualified and registered teachers.
  2. Examiners who have diligently served UNEB for at least three years.
  3. Seasoned scouts, Chief invigilators, setters, etc. who have rendered invaluable services to UNEB.
  4. Practicing or retired educationists with a good track record of performance.
  5. Persons of unquestionable integrity and honesty, with no past record of involvement in any form of examination malpractice.
  6. Knowledgeable and conversant with the regulations on the conduct of examinations.
  7. Able to exercise good judgement and take correct decisions on matters regarding field conduct of the examinations.