University of the Sacred Heart Gulu Courses Offered

University of the Sacred Heart Gulu Courses Offered

University of the Sacred Heart Gulu Courses Offered – Undergraduate Programs:

Academic Programs

The following University of the Sacred Heart Academic Programmes have been accredited by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education.

  • Bachelor of Counselling Psychology:

Counselling Psychology programme is designed with three options: school, hospital and community; each one addressing the unique needs of our society. The programme shall be offered on weekdays and weekends.

The Counselling Psychology programme aims to equip students with both practical skills and sound theoretical principles in the practices of Counselling Psychology.

To do so, the training programme emphasizes career and vocational theory and development, individual and group counselling skills, the integration of multicultural, gender, and other diversity theories into practice, and diagnosis and assessment procedures.

Counselling Psychology shall offer job opportunities in many different fields, such as primary and secondary schools, mental health hospitals, counselling centres, probation homes and non-governmental organisations that seek and/provide counselling services.

The academic requirements for undergraduate programmes at University of the Sacred Heart Gulu are designed to ensure that students are taught professional skills, Counselling theories, practice and research skills. Click here to Apply Online For Any University in Uganda

  • Bachelor of Information Systems: University of the Sacred Heart Gulu

Bachelor of Information Systems focuses on integrating information technology solutions and business processes to meet the information needs of businesses and other enterprises, enabling them to achieve their objectives in an effective and efficient way. To meet these requirements, the Programme offers courses in knowledge area recommended in NCHE minimum Standards for Bachelor of Information Systems; foundation, data and information management, modelling and process analysis, IT infrastructure, soft and team skills, security and risk management, domain specific, emerging trends, and analytical and critical thinking.

The purpose of this course is to provide undergraduate students with the knowledge and skills required to plan, develop, and deploy technology-based business solutions. Students will be equipped with a solid understanding of the strategic role of information systems in organizations and the influential role of technology in society.

The primary objective of Bachelor of Information Systems Programme at University of the Sacred Heart Gulu is to train students in Information Systems who upon completion of the programme will be competent to integrate Information Technology solutions and business processes to meet the information needs.