UNMEB Question Bank

UNMEB Question Bank

Below are sample of the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examinations Board UNMEB Aptitude Test Questions and Answers.

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Nursing Assessment – Sample Question #1

Select the word that is spelled incorrectly.

A) conscious
B) wierd
C) metaphor
D) pastime


The answer is (B) – the correct spelling is ‘weird’.

Nursing Assessment – Sample Question #2

______ is to CLEANING as MEDICINE is to CURING

A) Chore
B) Dirt
C) Soap
D) Germs
E) Shiny


The correct answer is Soap.

Nursing Assessment – Sample Question #3

Fire-fighters are held in great ______ by society for saving the lives and ______ of others.

A) esteem, properties
B) esteem, property
C) esteem proprietary
D) esteem, properly
E) None of the above


The correct answer is: esteem, property.

Nursing Assessment – Sample Question #4

Susan ______ already run the London Marathon three times.

A) have
B) will have
C) has
D) will


The correct answer is: has.

Nursing Assessment – Sample Question #5

13/7 is equal to:

A) 26/49
B) 11849
C) 14249
D) 2749


The correct answer is: 14249

Nursing Assessment – Sample Question #6

How is 5/8 expressed as a decimal?

A) 0.5
B) 0.65
C) 0.47
D) 0.75
E) 0.625


The correct answer is 0.625

Nursing Assessment – Sample Question #7

How much is 25% of 400?

A) 250
B) 100
C) 150
D) 200
E) 75


The correct answer is 100.

Nursing Assessment – Sample Question #8

The Tube travels 100 meters every 2 seconds. How far will it travel in 36 seconds?

A) 1,670 m
B) 1,836 m
C) 200 m
D) 286 m
E) 11,480 m
F) None of the above


The correct answer is None of the above.

Nursing Assessment – Sample Question #9

If a patient is prescribed 25 ml of amoxicillin 5 times a day, for a 10-week course, but only takes 8.5 weeks of it. How many doses does he have left over?

Answer & Explanation

The correct answer is 52.5 doses.

Method 1: To begin with we need to work out the numbers of days of the course. So 10 weeks with 7 days per week gives us 70 days.

The proportion used was over an 8.5 week period. Knowing that there are 7 days in a week, we multiply the number of days per week by the number of weeks, meaning 8.5 x 7 = 59.5 days.

Given that we want to know how many doses our patient has left, we must subtract the number of days used from the total number of days.
70-59.5 = 10.5 days

Now that we know the number of days left over and we know the number of doses per day, we simply take the number of doses and multiply them by the number of days: 5×10.5 = 52.5 dosages.

Method 2: Knowing that the total number of days equates to 70 days (10×7), we multiply the number of days by the dosage per day. This gives us 70×5 = 350 doses.

Taking the number of days that were actually used, we have 59.5 (8.5×7) and multiplying them by the number of doses per day, we get 297.5 dosages. (59.5×5).
Then for the final answer, we subtract the total number of doses, from the number that was used, and we get 52.5 dosages left over, (350-297.5).