Used Keyboards For Sale In Uganda

Used Keyboards For Sale In Uganda

What is Used Keyboards?

A computer keyboard is a peripheral input device modeled after the typewriter keyboard which uses an arrangement of buttons or keys to act as mechanical levers or electronic switches. A keyboard is for putting information including letters, words and numbers into your computer. You press the individual buttons on the keyboard when you type. The number keys across the top of the keyboard are also found on the right of the keyboard. The letter keys are in the centre of the keyboard.

Tips To Choose the Perfect Computer Used Keyboard For You In Uganda

Work type. Varieties of computer keyboards are available in the market today, each designed with a focus on specific features to suit special purposes.

Keystrokes (Switches)



Wired vs wireless.

Extra function keys.


What do you know about used keyboards In Uganda?

A computer keyboard is an input device used to enter characters and functions into the computer system by pressing buttons, or keys. It is the primary device used to enter text. A keyboard typically contains keys for individual letters, numbers and special characters, as well as keys for specific functions.

What are the types of used keyboard In Uganda?

The various types of computer keyboards typically used by computer users for different purposes are a qwerty keyboard, a gaming keyboard, a virtual keyboard and a multimedia keyboard.

What are the special keys in used keyboard In Uganda?

Ctrl-S – save.

Ctrl-O – open.

Ctrl-N – new.

Ctrl-C – copy.

Ctrl-V – paste.

Ctrl-X – cut.

Ctrl-Z – undo.

Ctrl-A – select all.

What are the functions of used keyboard In Uganda?

Typing (alphanumeric) keys. These keys include the same letter, number, punctuation, and symbol keys found on a traditional typewriter.

Control keys.

Function keys.

Navigation keys.

Numeric keypad.

What is the price for used Keyboards In Uganda?

Mac Keyboard

USh 80,000

PANTSAN Gaming Set:Wired Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Pad,

USh 200,000

Meetion C105 Keyboard Mouse Speakers Wired Combo

USh 50,000

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

USh 50,000

Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

USh 75,000

Advanced Mouse and Kit Wireless Keyboard

USh 85,000

Where can I buy Used Keyboards In Uganda?

Piano Stores Uganda

Address: Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 39 2001283

Yamaha Music Center

Address: 8H7J+5MG, Kampala Road, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 41 4532188

Smart Buy Computers Uganda Limited

Address: 8H8G+5P4, Johnston Street, Kampala, Uganda

Pavan Computers

Address: Pavan Computers, (Capital Shoppers Supermarket Floor), Basement Floor, Just before the Pharmacy or opposite Armaan Jewellers. Garden City Shopping Mall, Yusuf Lule Road, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 759 359557

Mercury Computers Limited

Address: Plot 93, Kamwokya, Kira Road Kampala .P.O.Box: 30740, Uganda

Phone: +256 41 4256136

PC World Computers Ltd

Address: Plot – 81 Bukoto St, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 753 787825

Computer Store Uganda Limited

Address: Plot 133 Kira Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 200 960161

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