Used Mitsubishi L200 For Sale In Uganda

Used Mitsubishi L200 For Sale In Uganda

What is Used Mitsubishi L200?

Mitsubishi L200. The L200 has been the UK’s favourite pickup truck for 20 years and the current model the L200 Series 6 is as close as we’ve come to the perfect pickup truck. It’s easy to drive, easy to park and comes with advanced safety features and entertainment options.

What problems do used Mitsubishi L200 have In Uganda?

Problems with the engine overheating can also affect the head gasket, which another common component failure on the Mitsubishi L200. Owners should be aware of a bubbling sound once the engine has been turned off; this is a sign of the radiator failing which also leads to head gasket breaking.

Are used Mitsubishi L200 any good In Uganda?

The 2019 updates bring improvements over the previous generation, but the Mitsubishi L200 still doesn’t offer as much power or refinement as rivals like the Ford Ranger or Nissan Navara. The Mitsubishi still acquits itself well as a rugged workhorse, though, even with the lack of two-seat base model.

How economical is the used Mitsubishi L200 In Uganda?

Official quoted figures for the revised L200 are up to 32.1mpg for the manual version and 29.1mpg for the six-speed automatic, making it less efficient than most SUVs but reasonable for a pickup.

How many miles will a used Mitsubishi L200 engine last In Uganda?

Well-maintained and carefully driven vehicles can manage 80,000 miles or more to a head gasket, but some will go sooner. If the engine is in poor shape, it can be more cost effective to swap it for a low-mileage one from a breaker or find a professionally reconditioned example.

What’s better used L200 or used Navara In Uganda?

The Navara is bigger and offers a greater payload, but the L200 edges ahead as it has more than enough carrying capacity, plus it looks sharper, features a roomier cabin and delivered better performance at the pumps. The bouncy ride is no worse than the Nissan’s, and it’s good value, too.

What engine is in used Mitsubishi L200 In Uganda?

The L200 series is powered by a 2.2 Litre MIVEC 16-Valve intercooled turbocharged DOHC Common Rail Direct Injection Diesel engine. The Mitsubishi L200 is built for towing too.

What is the price for used Mitsubishi L200 In Uganda?

Mitsubishi L200 Club Cab 2.5 180hp 4WD 2007 Black

USh 75,000,000

Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab 2.4 4WD 2004 Gray

USh 48,500,000

Mitsubishi L200 2000 Off white

USh 25,000,000

Mitsubishi L200 2007 Black

USh 65,000,000

Mitsubishi L200 Club Cab 2.5 TD 4WD 2002 White

USh 40,000,000

Mitsubishi L200 Club Cab 2.4 154hp 4WD 2019 Gray

USh 120,000,000

Mitsubishi L200 Club Cab 2.5 136hp 4WD 2013 Gray

USh 66,500,000

Where can I buy used Mitsubishi L200 In Uganda?

Victoria Motors

Address: Plot 5, Port Bell Road/P.O. Box 180 Old Port Bell Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 41 4343364

IBS Motors

Address: 8H86+2C3, Kampala, Uganda

Kwesi Auto Motors

Address: Uganda National Roads Authority – Headquarters, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 752 996276


Address: Plot 10 Lumumba Ave, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 701 618088

BE FORWARD Uganda Kampala – Nakawa Office (MPAATANEL CO., LTD.)

Address: Opposite MTAC, Nakawa – Jinja Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 706 382027

Kampala Motor Inv Ltd

Address: Jinja Road, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 777 364591

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