Used Suzuki Samurai For Sale In Uganda

Used Suzuki Samurai For Sale In Uganda

What is Used Suzuki Samurai?

America’s Suzuki Samurai was based on the Suzuki Jimny, a Japanese Kei car with a government-restricted, 543-cc three-cylinder that, while turbocharged and fuel-injected, only made 41 hp. Thankfully, Samurais exported to the United States received a carbureted 1.3-liter four-cylinder with 50 percent more power.

Is A used Suzuki Samurai A Good car In Uganda?

The featherweight of the vehicle contributed to its off-road durability and capacity, allowing it to climb even the steepest inclines with pleasure. It was quite reliable, especially compared to American Jeep CJs, because it was of Japanese provenance. The world’s most reliable, affordable vehicles.

How good is used Suzuki Samurai off-road In Uganda?

It is actually quite capable off-road and its fuel economy is better than what some new cars can achieve. The Samurai came out-of-the-Crackerjack-box with solid axles and leaf springs all around, which were pretty heavy duty for stock tires.

How fast is a used Suzuki Samurai In Uganda?

With a top speed around 65 mph and an almost unmeasurable 0–60 time, the Samurai wasn’t fit for American highways; but it was never designed for them. The same features that made the Samurai uncomfortable on the road short wheelbase, solid axles, and four-corner leaf springs—allowed it to excel on trails.

What engine is in the used Suzuki Samurai In Uganda?

The Samurai had a 1.3 liter, 63 hp, four-cylinder engine and was available as a convertible or a hardtop. It gained popularity in the four-wheel-drive community due to its simple and practical design and ease of modification, including engine swaps and suspension upgrades.

Are there automatic used Suzuki Samurais In Uganda?

The only available transmission was a five-speed manual gearbox with a 0.795:1 overdrive ratio. Behind that sat a gear-driven, cast-aluminum transfer case with 1.409:1 high range gearing and 2.268:1 low range gearing. All models used a manual steering box, front disc brakes, and rear drum brakes.

What is the price for used Suzuki Samurai In Uganda?

Suzuki Samurai 1993 White

USh 9.850.000

Suzuki Samurai Long 1999 White

USh 4.500.000

Suzuki Samurai 1962 Gray

USh 6.000.000

Suzuki Samurai 1994 White

USh 10.000.000

Suzuki Samurai 1990 Blue

USh 6.500.000

Suzuki Samurai 1995 White

USh 9.000.000

Suzuki Samurai 1996 White

USh 4.500.000

Suzuki Samurai 1997 White

USh 5.500.000

Suzuki Samurai 1990 Green

USh 32.000.000

Suzuki Samurai 2004 Gray

USh 10.500.000

Where can I buy used Suzuki Samurai In Uganda?

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