Used Vanguard For Sale In Uganda

Used Vanguard For Sale In Uganda

What is Vanguard?

The Standard Vanguard was designed as a world car and typified American styling of the late 1940s. One of the first really new post-war models, it has a three-speed gearbox, steering column change, umbrella handbrake and bench seating.

Is used Toyota Vanguard a reliable car In Uganda?

Yes, it is an efficient car that assures less fuel consumption. What about its Reliability? Vanguard is a reliable to drive and a real car.

What problems do used Toyota Vanguard have In Uganda?

Common Problems Owners of Toyota vanguard face while in Uganda. Apart from the common and minor problems like suspension bushes, shock absorbers, the Toyota Vanguard does not have many reported complaints. The other issue is that for newly realized vehicles into the Ugandan market have very expensive spare parts.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of used Toyota Vanguard In Uganda?

Reliable, generous equipment, upmarket cabin CONS: Uninspiring drive, drab styling, thirsty petrol engines The 2007-2013 used Japanese imports makes majority of Toyota RAV4 models on Kenyan roads. It has a tough battle in the compact SUV market.

How much fuel does a used Vanguard use In Uganda?

When I carry luggage or passengers, the Vanguard is more stable on the road than when I do not. My Vanguard runs on a 2400cc automatic transmission petrol engine that gives me mileage of approximately 10km per litre for urban drives and up to 14km per litre when driving on the highway.

How much fuel does a used Vanguard car use per km In Uganda?

Engine Capacity: 2,500 – 3,500cc. Acceleration: 0-100 km in 10.6 secs for 2.5l engine and 8.6 secs for 3.5l engine. Fuel Consumption: 9.6km/L to 12.6km/L. Tank Capacity: 60 liters.

How much fuel does a used Toyota Vanguard use per Litre In Uganda?

This engine 2AZ-FE produces a maximum power of 172.3 PS (170 bhp – 126.7 kW) at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 223.5 Nm (164.9 lb.

Fuel Consumption (10/15 mode)29.7 mpg US 35.7 mpg UK 7.9 L/100km
Variable Cylinder Management – VCM

What is the most common problem with used Toyota In Uganda?

Brake Problems. One of the most common issues to have with a Toyota is the brakes.

Suspension Issues. Suspension issues are also one of the most common Toyota problems.

Faulty Water Pumps.

Common Fuel Pump Failures.

Oil Sludge in Engines.

Forced Acceleration.

Poor Air Conditioning Conditions.

What is the price for used Vanguard Car In Uganda?

Toyota Vanguard 2010 Silver

USh 70,000,000

Toyota Vanguard 2008 Gray

USh 38,500,000

Toyota Vanguard 2007

USh 47,000,000

Toyota Vanguard 2012 White

USh 75,000,000

Toyota Vanguard 2008 White

USh 48,000,000

Toyota Vanguard 2008 Black

USh 55,000,000

Toyota Vanguard 2008 White

USh 54,000,000

Toyota Vanguard 2009 White

USh 68,000,000

Where can I buy used Vanguard In Uganda?

Car for sale in Uganda | Japan auto traders u ltd |used car Dealer

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