Villa Maria School of Nursing

Villa Maria School of Nursing

About Villa Maria Hospital

The Hospital belongs to the network of Catholic Health Institutions in Uganda and is called Villa Maria Hospital and St. Lawrence Villa Maria Nurses Training School.

The Legal and Registered Owner of the Hospital is the Roman Catholic Diocese of Masaka in the person of the Board of Trustees of the diocese.
If not otherwise specified in this text, its annexes and in the Hospital bylaws, powers of signatory for the hospital are held by its Board of Trustees

Villa Maria Hospital is 11 kms away from Nyendo / Masaka Town.  It was started in 1902 by the White Sisters known as (Sisters of Our Lady of Africa).  It developed from strength to strength, providing curative and preventive and promotive medical services.  It is the major Hospital serving Kalungu District.

This Mission Statement follows from the Mission Statement of the Uganda Episcopal Conference, which has been integrally adopted by the diocese of Masaka.
The Mission of Villa Maria Hospital is, based on the imitation of Christ and His deeds, to promote life to the full and to heal.  The hospital is therefore committed to a holistic, integrated and sustainable action in health.  This includes treatment, prevention, health promotion, social welfare and economic empowerment through community programmes and training of health workers
The hospital will aim to promote access to health care for the less privileged and vulnerable social groups like women, children, the financially destitute and the chronically ill.  To this purpose the hospital is a non-profit making institution of the Church.

Since the person is at the centre of all activities of the hospital, a basic attitude or respect for the human dignity will be the guidance for all and no distinctions of ethnic origin, social status; religious or political affiliation will be made.  The principle of subsidiarity will therefore be applied with equity in all relationships within the hospital network.
Justice, universality and equality will mark the work of all the officers and staff members of Villa Maria Hospital.  Their work will be done in a professional way and in a spirit of total dedication and transparency in accordance with the catholic ethical code.  Human life being sacred, the basic attitude of all personnel will be the healing of the person with total respect for life.

Vision: To be the leading provider of quality, affordable, holistic health care in Kalungu and surrounding districts.

Core Values:    Give equal opportunity to all in equal need.
Uphold and cherish honesty, confidentiality, and professionalism
Uphold human dignity and rules of natural justice.
Strong belief in constant improvement.
Placing the patient at the centre of everything that we do, regardless of colour, gender, tribe, nationality, religion or social status at the heart of everything we do, regardless of gender, tribe, nationality, colour, religion or social status.
Value all stake–holders in health and consider ourselves accountable to them.

Villa Maria Hospital is committed to – and shall implement the Policies of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Sports as well as ministry of gender, labour and social development of Uganda and the relevant international health policies when these are not contradictory to the RCC ethical codes.  It works in close collaboration with the Health Co-ordination Office of Diocese Masaka and the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB).  The hospital and school will adapt the policies to the situation of the population it is responsible for, and develop a plan of implementation at least every five years.
In order to implement its mission and policy as stated above, Villa Maria Hospital will strive towards the following goals:
Holistic approach
The hospital will endeavour to take the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of the person into account in all its services.  In this perspective the hospital considers promotion of health and prevention of disease as integral part of its mission.  It will allocate adequate time and resources to these services for its established catchment population.  The active involvement of the communities, the political and religious leaders, church organizations and catholic schools will be pursued in the promotion of health of the population.
Equity and sustainability
The hospital will actively pursue access to all services for the entire population, of its established area of responsibility, especially for the less privileged and vulnerable.  The hospital recognizes that sustaining accessible and high quality services requires:
Good management and continuous efficiency gains;
Gaining reputation for quality, friendly and compassionate service;
Strict application of the not for profit rationale;
Accountability and transparency;
Specific skills, well founded arguments and proven performance of access public and other funding sources.

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