Waterfront Land For Sale In Uganda

Waterfront Land For Sale In Uganda

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Waterfront is classified as having frontage along the water but do not confuse this with riparian rights. I have seen many times where property owners do not have riparian rights to their water frontage. A property owner may have water frontage but non-riparian rights.

Why is the waterfront important?

Waterfronts are public assets – central to a city’s identity and to the amenity of its people. They’re also crucial to urban ecology and natural systems.

What makes a good waterfront?

The best waterfronts feature amenities that increase people’s comfort and enjoyment.

A bench or waste receptacle in just the right location makes a surprising difference in how people choose to use a place. Lighting strengthens a square’s identity and can draw attention to specific activities, pathways or entrances.

Waterfront Land For Sale In Uganda

6 Acres Lake Shore Land For Sale In Busabala Kazzi At 500m Per Acre

Price 500M Uganda Shillings

30 Decimals Lake View Plot Of Land For Sale In Munyonyo 1 Bn Shillings

Price 1000M Uganda Shillings

2 Acres Lake Shore Land For Sale In Busabala 650m Per Acre

Price 650M Uganda Shillings

7 Bedrooms Lake View House For Sale In Bunga 27 Decimals At 1.7Bn Shillings

Price 1.7Bn Uganda Shillings

Lake Shore 4 Acres Of Beachfront Wall Fenced Land 600m Per Acre

Price 600M Uganda Shillings

70 Decimals Lake View Land For Sale In Kigo At 700m

Price 700M Uganda Shillings

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How much is an acre of land in Mityana Uganda?

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20 million Uganda

How much does an acre of land cost in Uganda?

The average price of land for sale in Uganda is USh 85,000,000 per acre. The most expensive land costs USh 250,000,000 per acre while the cheapest costs USh 85,000,000 per acre. There are 1,519 listings and 29 available land for sale in Uganda.