Yamaha Keyboard For Sale In Uganda

Yamaha Keyboard For Sale In Uganda

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Yamaha is one of the most prolific manufacturers of keyboard instruments globally. They produce everything from stunning concert grand pianos to the ideal first keyboard for kids. We aren’t stretching our list to a concert grand, but we’re looking at various models over a wide price range.

What is the difference in Yamaha keyboards?

The only real difference is their looks. They do exactly the same thing. If you see a YPT keyboard and a PSR-E keyboard that sells at the same price, they are essentially the same keyboard and you can buy any one of the two. Yamaha simply sells them under different names to different markets.

Which Yamaha keyboard is best for beginners?

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The PSR-F52 is an excellent keyboard for beginners. It’s affordable and easy to use and has a unique color-code design, making it accessible for kids and adults. Additionally, this keyboard comes with a headphone outlet for when you need to be discreet—you can play anywhere, any time.

How many keys does a Yamaha keyboard have?

Models: Yamaha Genos (76 keys)

Yamaha Keyboard For Sale In Uganda

Below are the Yamaha Keyboard For Sale In Uganda

Yamaha Psr E373 Professional Keyboards

USh 1,550,000

Yamaha Keyboards For Sale

USh 1,150,000

Yamaha Keyboards Psr E413

USh 1,550,000

Yamaha Keyboards 363

USh 1,100,000

Yamaha and Casio Pianos

USh 750,000

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Where to buy Yamaha Keyboard In Uganda

Below are Where to buy Yamaha Keyboard Off Line In Uganda

Yamaha Music Center

Address: 8H7J+5MG, Kampala Road, Kampala

Phone: 041 4532188

Piano Stores Uganda

Address: Kampala

Phone: 039 2001283

Yamaha Music Rocks

Address: 8H6H+MHM, Market St, Kampala

Phone: 0701 984243

piano stores uganda

Address: sals hotel, kiwatule-Ntinda road mvule stage near, Kampala

Phone: 039 2001283

Esom Music Shop

Address: Plot 609, Rubaga Road, Kampala

Phone: 0700 132588

Best musical instruments and generators in kampala

Address: Electrical plaza, Kampala

Phone: 0753 618404