Yamaha Mate For Sale In Uganda

Yamaha Mate For Sale In Uganda

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The Yamaha Mate are two-stroke step-through motorcycles made by the Yamaha Motor Company. There were a number of different engine capacities to suit different sections of the market. The bike was primarily released to compete with the ever-popular Honda Super Cub. It is also very similar to the Suzuki FR50.

Model V overview

Delivery driver riding a Yamaha V step through one handed

In order of engine capacity and model:

  1. Yamaha V50
  2. Yamaha V50P
  3. Yamaha V50M
  4. Yamaha V70
  5. Yamaha V75
  6. Yamaha V80
  7. Yamaha V80M
  8. Yamaha V90

The Yamaha V series was advertised as an inexpensive and reliable moped/motorbike that was easy to use.

The V series actually started in the early 1970s with the initial line up of the V50, V70 and V90. Then branched out to different variations in the mid 1970s with the V50p (to replace the V50) and V75 and then in the late 1970s added the V80.

In early 1980, Yamaha discontinued the V70, V75, V90 and the original V80 models and introduced two new models, the V50M and the V80M. Thus reducing the number of models to two. The M in the name was to differentiate them from the earlier models

Yamaha Mate For Sale In Uganda

Below are the Yamaha Mate For Sale In Uganda

Yamaha Genesis 2018 Green

USh 750.000

Yamaha Gear 2008 Green

USh 1.800.000

Yamaha 2007 Green

USh 1.200.000

Yamaha 2020 Red

USh 1.900.000

Yamaha 2008 Red

USh 1.800.000

Yamaha 2010 Black

USh 1.800.000

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Where to buy Yamaha Mate In Uganda

Here are the Where to buy Yamaha Mate Off Line In Uganda

Yamaha Uganda

Address: Plot 6 Mukabya Road, Kyambogo, Kampala

Phone: 041 4342722

Yamaha Motors Uganda Limited

Address: Plot64-66, 31585 Nakivubo Rd, Kampala

Phone: 041 4251028

Top Bikes Uganda

Address: 1 Masaka Rd, Kampala

Phone: 0702 355319

B& S Motorcyle Dealer

Address: 9GFQ+XPC, Kampala

Phone: 0700 255384

Simba Automotives Limited

Address: Opposite City Oil Petrol, Plot No. 84 Kira Rd, Kampala

Phone: 0756 670579