About All Saints University Lango (ASUL)

By | June 30, 2019

Historical Background of All Saints University Lango ASUL

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All Saints University was established by the church of Uganda, and started operating in 2009 with the general objectives of addressing the challenges facing education sector in Northern Uganda. All its programmes are accredited by Uganda National Council for Higher Education, and has since its inception held four graduation ceremonies.

The founders noted the following challenges in education sector:-

  • High travel expenses and risk involved: Most parents, especially those who cannot afford to travel long distances to look for schools with track records of good academic performance mostly in the central region, expose their children to risks like accidents, theft of properties, etc
  • Most of the good schools in central region are expensive and most parents especially in the North cannot afford. All saints’ university is offering an alternative service at an affordable rate.
  • The proprietors of most Private Institutions are businessmen, whose major motives are profit-maximization and do not give priority to Human Resource development and essential learning materials.

The founders came up with the university as part of their contribution in addressing the above challenges and also to uplift the standard of education in Uganda, most especially in Northern Uganda.