Buhimba Technical Institute in Hoima

By | February 12, 2020

Course Offered at Buhimba Technical Institute in Hoima

Welding and metal fabrication, agriculture, building construction, plumbing and automotive mechanics.

The cost of skills training whether formal, informal or non-formal is relatively high and in most cases unaffordable by the majority of the training providers, hence compromising the quality. TVET system is expected to emerge from an educational sub-sector into a comprehensive system of skills development for employment, enhanced productivity and growth. TAPTVIU leadership will initiate, guide and provide a platform to ensure that all institutions are inventive, innovative, creative and integrative. . Most of our member institutions lack necessary computers, tools, machinery and equipment’s to facilitate competence based training as enshrined in the new curriculum developed by National Curriculum Development Centre.

Station: Buhimba Technical Institute

District: Hoima

Current Principal: Mr .AkokiAnyamo

Contact: 0779441696

Selection Code: 8064