Gomba District Vacancies

By | January 10, 2020

Gomba District is one of the 24 districts of Buganda Kingdom. It was formed in 2010 breaking away from Mpigi District. The district headquarters are housed in the Gomba County buildings at Kanoni where as some offices are housed at Kyegonza in the former nutrition centre but plans are underway to construct district headquarters at Ttondola – Kanoni.

The district is made up of four Sub counties of Mpenja, Kabulasoke, Kyegonza and Maddu, and one Town Council Kanoni Town Council where the district Headquarters are located, with a total size area of 1,541.13 sq. km, 37 parishes with 289 villages.

It lies in the Central Region, referred to as Buganda Region.  Gomba District borders with districts of Butambala in North East and East, Mityana in the North, Mubende in the North West, Kalungu to the South and South West and Sembabule to the West. The district headquarters is about 85 Km from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

Population and Demographic Characteristics
According to the 2014 Population and Housing Census, the district has a total population of 160,075 of whom 81,520 are male and 78,555 are females. Its population density is 230 persons per Sq. Km and it has an annual growth rate of 1.43% per annum. In pastoral areas of Maddu sub-county the density tends to show a decline.  The sex distribution of population is about 49% female and 51% male. Gomba District covers an area of 1,541.13 Square Km, which is about 0.07% of the country‚Äôs size.  Out of the total area, 218.9 Sq. Km is occupied by water and wetland

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