Gulu University Academic Calendar

By | June 26, 2019

Gulu University Academic Calendar



1 QUATEC Meeting to Approve Teaching Timetables 23rd July

2 Academic Registrar’s Departmental Meeting 7th August

3 First Year Students Report 11th August

4 Orientation Week for First Year Students 13th – 19th August

5 Weekday Lectures Begin 20th August

6 QUATEC Meeting 22nd – 23rd August

7 Weekend Lectures Begin 25th August

8 Registration of students: Both First Year and Continuing Students 20th August – 16th September

9 Senate Meeting 31st August

10 Special Examinations for Semester II 10th – 16th September

11 Admissions Board, Mature Age and Gender Mainstreaming Committee Meeting 13th September

12 Meeting of the Board of Research, Graduate Studies and Staff Development 20th September

13 Inter Faculty Athletics Competition 23rd September

14 Swearing In Ceremony of First Year Students 29th September

15 Cultural Gala 6th October

16 Meeting of Committee of Deans/Directors and Academic Programmes 11th October

17 Meeting of Committee of Library and ICT 18th October

18 Gulu University Annual Conference 7th – 8th October

19 Senate Meeting 15th November

20 Awards and Ceremonies Committee Meeting 20th November

21 Examination Workshop 24th November

22 Identification and Appointment of External Examiners 26th – 30th November

23 First Semester Examinations, 3rd – 16th December

24 11th East Africa Inter-University Games 14th – 22nd December

25 Inter-Semester Break 17th December – 20th January

26 Awards and Ceremonies Committee Meeting 7th – January

27 14th Graduation Ceremony 12th January

28 Deadline for Submission of Semester I, Examinations Results 14th January

29 Departmental Meetings to Discuss Semester I, Results 14th – 16th January

30 EMIC Meeting 17th January

31 Faculty/Institute Boards Discuss Semester I, Results 17th – 18th January

Gulu University Academic Calendar