Gulu University Scientists Make It To Top 500 Scientists In UG

By | May 18, 2022

28 Gulu University Scientists make it to top 500 scientists in UG

28 Gulu University scientist made it in the list of top 500 scientists in Uganda, according to the new scientific statistic released by AD Scientific Index 2024.

The late Professor Lawoko Stephen is number 10 in Uganda and best in Gulu University, follow by Dr Bongomin Felix who is number 48 in Uganda and second best from Gulu University, others include Dr Richard Echodo, Professor Elizabeth Opiyo, Professor, Openjuru George Ladaah, Dr Walter Odongo. Associate Professor Bazil Mugonola among others.

The ranking also placed Gulu University in number 4 among universities in Uganda and number 3 among public University only in Uganda.

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