How Much It Cost To Build A 2 Bedroom House In Uganda

How Much It Cost To Build A 2 Bedroom House In Uganda

House construction and how much material estimates with little money is a phase that all investors or interested home owners should consider before the venture. Any real estate business needs construction materials first on the site to give a green light to the construction phases.

We have provided a full budget for Building a double bedroom house in Uganda. This house plan has a living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom in between and a kitchen. This budget considers most of the price changes that have occurred since 2020 corona virus pandemic.

A breakdown of estimated materials for a two bedroom house construction as below.

No of bricks 102653 costing 2566325

Bags of cement 80 costing 3600000

No of iron sheets 60 costing 3300000

Number of timber trusses 120 costing 960000

Kilos of roof nails 50 kgs costing 270000

Timber nails 50 kgs costing 270000

Trucks of sand 7 trips costing 1050000

Trucks of aggregate concrete 3 trips costing 450000

Trucks of hardcore stones 3 trips costing 300000

Litres paint 100 litres costing 1475000

Number of tiles 713 tiles costing 1069500

Tile adhesive 15 bags costing 450000

Iron bars 15 beam bars costing 750000

Doors and windows 6 windows and 5 doors costing 3200000

Labour complete building costs 2001083

The average estimated costs of building a 2 bedroom or double bedroom house is considered to be 48,272,150 million shillings.

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