Jordan University College (JUCO) Application Forms

By | July 7, 2023

Jordan University College (JUCO) Application Forms


The Principal, Jordan University College (JUCO) invites suitably qualified candidates for admission into various Masters, Bachelor, diploma and certificate programmes for the academic year 2024/2025.The qualified applicants are invited to apply through online application through the link on


The college offers short courses programs of computer and languages applicants are invited apply by visiting the college.


During the application process applicants with minimum requirements are required to have all necessary documents. However, students’ registration exercise involves a thorough check of academic documents. Only original certificates, diplomas, degree and other relevant documents are accepted during registration.

NB. Applicants holding diploma are required to obtain Award Verification Number(AVN) from NACTE


A candidate’s offer of place in this Institute is subject to his/her being found medically fit. A student is, therefore, required to arrange to be medically examined by a registered Government Medical Officer and forward the certificate of medical fitness to the Institute’s admission office before or upon coming to the Institute.

The medical fee is included in the tuition & administrative fees.

Those who have valid health insurance may opt to use the services provided by their health insurance company recognized by Morogoro Regional Hospital (NHIF, SUA, Jubilee, AAR, NSSF, TANESCO, Strategis), but have to ensure their cards are verified and registered by the Finance office during registration period. At the time of registration, the insurance cards should be valid for at least 9 months.

Jordan University College (JUCO) Courses Offered


Every foreign student is required to apply for and obtain a Residence Permit from the Director of Immigration Services before he/she leaves for Tanzania. Residence Permit Application Forms can be obtained from website

The entry requirements for foreigners will be the same as those of Tanzanians, applicants will be required to have the following during application

i)Academic certificates and transcript attached with equivalent letters/foreign award certificate ii)Residents permit/Passport

Note that, equivalent letters are obtained from regulatory bodies as the following;

  1. Tanzania Commission for Universities(TCU) by visiting website, then FAAS for registration and accreditation. This applicable for holders of Bachelor qualification
  2. National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA). By visiting website, This applicable for holders of Certificate of Secondary Education, O level and A Level.
  3. National Council for Technical Education (NACTE). By visiting website, This is applicable for holders of certificate and Diploma. For Diploma holders will also be required to obtain Award Verification Number from NACTE by visiting NACTE Award Verification Number (AVN)

Transfer of students from one programme to another will only be considered during registration process for new comers. However, once a student is registered for a programme there will be no room for change. Transfer for continuing students from other College/university to JUCO will be considered only at the beginning of academic year.


All application should be done online by Clicking link JUCO Online Application System or Application forms can be downloaded from the college website, Dully filled forms should be sent to JORDAN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, P.O. BOX 1878, MOROGORO, TANZANIA; indicating clearly their names and postal addresses attached with a bank pay in slip