Kabale University September Applications intake

By | March 22, 2022

Kabale University September Applications intake

The Academic Registrar, Kabale University, invites applications for admission to the following postgraduate and undergraduate programmes for the (September intake) under a private sponsorship scheme.

Academic Programmes on Offer at Kabale University

School/Faculty/Institute & Academic ProgrammesProgram codeDurationIntakeStudy time
Master of Medicine: Paediatrics and Child healthMMED:Pae3yearsAugustFulltime
Master of Medicine: Obstetrics and GynaecologyMMED:Obs3yearsAugustFulltime
Master of Public HealthMPH2yearsAugustWeekend
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Direct or Diploma Entry)KMS5yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Nursing Science (Direct Entry)KNS4yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Nursing Science – (Completion/Diploma Entry)KND3yearsAugustWeekend
Bachelor of Environmental Health Science (Direct or Diploma Entry)KHS3yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine (Direct Entry)KAN4yearsAugustFulltime
Diploma in Anaesthesia (Ordinary Diploma Entry)ANK2yearsAugustFulltime
Diploma in Environmental Health Science (Direct or Certificate Entry)EHK2yearsAugustFulltime
Diploma in Health Services ManagementHSK1yearAugustWeekend
Master of Education Management and AdministrationEDM2yearsAugustWeekend/Holiday
Master of Education PsychologyMEP2yearsAugustWeekend/Holiday
Postgraduate Diploma in EducationPDE1yearAugustWeekend/Holiday
Bachelor of Science with Education
1.   Physical Option (Physics, Mathematics, Physical Education, Chemistry, Computer Education)KEP3yearsAugustFulltime
2.   Biological Option (Biology, Chemistry, Physical Education)KEB3yearsAugustFulltime
3.   Economics Option (Economics, Mathematics, Geography)KSE3yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Science with Education (Recess/Diploma entry)3yearsAugustHoliday
1.   Biological (Biology, Chemistry, Physical Education)KEB
2.   Physical (Physics, Mathematics, Physical Education, Chemistry)KEP
Bachelor of Arts with Education (History, Religious Studies, English Language Studies, Literature in English, French, Kiswahili, Runyakitara)KED3yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Education – Secondary (diploma entry: all subjects)BES3yearsAugustHoliday
Bachelor of Education – Primary (Diploma Entry)BEP2yearsAugustHoliday
Diploma in Education – Primary (G.III Certificate Entry)EDK2yearsAugustHoliday
Master of Science in Environment and Natural ResourcesMEN2yearsAugustFulltime/ Weekend
Bachelor of Environmental Science (Diploma or Direct Entry)KES3yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Agriculture and Land Use Management (Diploma or Direct Entry)BAL3yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Agribusiness (Diploma or Direct Entry)KAG3yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Diploma or Direct Entry)KSA4yearsAugustFulltime
Diploma in Environment Science (Certificate or Direct Entry)ESK2yearsAugustFulltime
Higher Education Bridging Certificate in two of: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Economics and GeographyHEC1yearAugustFulltime
Master of Information ScienceMIS2yearsAugustWeekend
Bachelor of Information Technology (Diploma or Direct Entry)KIT3yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Computer Science  (Diploma or Direct Entry)KCS3yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Library and Information Science (Diploma or Direct Entry)KLS3yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Records and Information Management (Diploma or Direct Entry)KRM3yearsAugustFulltime
Diploma in Records Management (Certificate or Direct Entry)RMK2yearsAugustFulltime
Diploma in Library and Information Science (Certificate or Direct Entry)LSK2yearsAugustFulltime
Diploma in Computer Science  (Certificate or Direct Entry)CSK2yearsAugustFulltime
Diploma in Information Technology (Certificate or Direct Entry)ITK2yearsAugustFulltime
Diploma in Medical Records Management (Certificate or Direct Entry)MRK2yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Applied Design and Fine Art (Direct Entry)KDA3yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Diploma or Direct Entry)KCE4yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Diploma or Direct Entry)KEE4yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Mechanical  Engineering (Diploma or Direct Entry)KME4yearsAugustFulltime
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Certificate or Direct Entry)MEK2yearsAugustFulltime
Diploma in Civil Engineering (Certificate or Direct Entry)CEK2yearsAugustFulltime
Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Certificate or Direct Entry)EEK2yearsAugustFulltime
PhD in Business Administration (by Research)PhDBA3yearsAprilWeekend
PhD in Business Administration (by Coursework and Research)PhDBA3yearsAprilWeekend
Master of Project Planning and ManagementMPM2yearsAprilWeekend
Master of  Business Administration (with Options:  Human Resource  Management; Accounting; Procurement and Logistics Management; Finance and Banking; Management)MBA2yearsAprilWeekend
Master of Human Resource ManagementMRM2yearsAprilWeekend
Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning and ManagementPPM1yearAprilWeekend
Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource ManagementHRM1yearAprilWeekend
Postgraduate Diploma in Business AdministrationPGDBA1yearAprilWeekend
Bachelor of Business Administration (with Options:  Accounting; Marketing; Finance and Banking; Human Resource Management; Procurement and Logistics Management) (Diploma or Direct Entry)KBA3yearsAugustFulltime/ weekend
Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management  (Diploma or Direct Entry)KPL3yearsAugustFulltime/ weekend
Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Diploma or Direct Entry)KEC3yearsAugustFulltime
Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality  (Diploma or Direct Entry)KTH3yearsAugustFulltime
Diploma in Business Administration and Management  (Certificate or Direct Entry)BAK2yearsAugustFulltime/ weekend
Diploma in Tourism (Certificate or Direct Entry)THK2yearsAugustFulltime
Diploma in Hotel Management (Certificate or Direct Entry)HMK2yearsAugustFulltime
Certified Public Accountants ProgrammeCPA3-10yearsAugustOccasional
PhD in Public Administration and Management (by Research)PhDPAM3yearsAprilWeekend
PhD in Public Administration and Management (by Coursework and Research)PhDPAM3yearsAprilWeekend
Master of Monitoring and EvaluationMME2yearsAprilWeekend
Master of Public Administration & ManagementMPA2yearsAprilWeekend
Master of Institutional Governance and LeadershipMGL1YearAprilWeekend
Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration and ManagementPAM1YearAprilWeekend
Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring and EvaluationPME1YearAprilWeekend
Postgraduate Diploma in Institutional Governance and LeadershipPIL1YearAprilWeekend
Bachelor of Public Administration and Management (Diploma or Direct Entry)KPA3yearsAugustFulltime/ Weekend
Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration (Diploma or Direct Entry)KSW3yearsAugustFulltime/ weekend
Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration (Certificate or Direct Entry)SWK2yearsAugustFulltime/ weekend
Diploma in Public Administration and Management (Certificate or Direct Entry)PAK2yearsAugustFulltime/ weekend
Master of Arts in LinguisticsMAL2yearsAugustWeekend
Diploma in Kiswahili (Direct Entry)KLK2yearsAugustFulltime


The Academic Registrar, Kabale University, invites applications from Diploma Holders for admission under the Government Sponsorship scheme for the Academic Year in the following degree programmes:

Programmes available for admission under Government Sponsorship – Diploma Entry Scheme


  • KCE      Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • KEE      Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • KME      Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • KIT       Bachelor of Information Technology
  • KCS      Bachelor of Computer Science

Bachelor of Science with Education

  • KEB      Biological Option
  • KEP      Physical Option

Applicants for Government sponsorship should possess the following:

  • At least a relevant second-class or credit diploma (or equivalent) from a recognised institution
  • UACE, or equivalent, with at least one principal pass and two subsidiary passes obtained at the same sitting
  • UCE, or equivalent, with at least five passes obtained at the same sitting

Applicants may apply ONLINE or complete a PHYSICAL FORM

For Online Application

Open any browser – in the address/search bar, type admissions.kab.ac.ug and search

Click Sign up to create an application account (i.e.: set a username and password)

Thereafter, log in and click Apply now

Scroll through to choose the appropriate Entry Scheme and click Apply now again

After filling in the online form, click Submit

To pay application fee, click Pay for Form to generate the Zeepay Reference Number. One can present the number to any bank or bank agent and pay 50,000= plus a bank charge, or use Mobile Money pay method.

For application by completing a hardcopy form:

  • For applicants who can visit the University or one of the outlets/Liaison Offices:
    • Obtain an application form, complete it and attach photocopies of results slips and/or academic transcripts (where applicable)
    • Return the application to any of the following collection points:
    • Kabale University Liaison Office, 3rd Floor, REEV House, Bombo Rd, Opposite GAPCO Service Station, Wandegeya, Kampala
    • Kabale University Office, Rukungiri District Education Office, Rukungiri Municipality
  • Kabale University, Kikungiri Campus, Kabale Municipality
  • If you cannot go to any of the University offices, visit kab.ac.ug to download the application form:
    • Under Students, click Application Forms to download the application form
    • Fill in the downloaded form, scan it along with Results Slips, Academic Transcript(s) (where applicable) and application fee deposit slip, and mail the scanned documents to admissions@kab.ac.ug
  • To pay application fee, in either case (B. 1 & 2), open any browser and type: kab.ac.ug and search
    • In the displayed template, fill in the personal name, contact phone number and email address.
    • Then, click Continue, select Application Fee, and click Continue An invoice shall be generated. Check in the top right-hand corner for the Zeepay Reference Number (a 13-digit number). Take the number to any bank or bank agent and pay a non-refundable Application Fee of 50,000 plus a Bank Charge.


  • ONLY applicants with official Transcripts/Result Slips and/or Certificates shall be considered.
  • Applicants for postgraduate programmes and upgraders must attach certified copies of their Academic Transcripts and/or Certificates.
  • Applicants holding academic qualifications attained outside Uganda must also attach copies of equivalence documents obtained from the Uganda National Examinations Board or Uganda National Council for Higher Education, as may be applicable.
  • Information on specific admission requirements for all programmes can be obtained from kab.ac.ug (under Study at KAB: Fees Structure), Academic Registrar’s Office, and Liaison Offices in Rukungiri and Kampala.
  • Use the programme codes (not full names of programmes) when filling in choices
  • Enquiries should be addressed to admissions@kab.ac.ug; or call 0782860259, 0704583059

The last day for submission of applications is 30th September 2024.

Programmes with beneficiaries of Fees Loans from the Higher Education Students Financing Board

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science with Education
  • Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Agriculture and Land Use Management
  • Bachelor of Agribusiness
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  • Bachelor of Environment Science
  • Bachelor of Environmental Health Science
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science (Direct Entry)
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science (Completion)
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  • Bachelor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine
  • Diploma in Anaesthesia
  • Diploma in Environmental Health Science
  • Diploma in Medical Records Management
  • Diploma in Environmental Science
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma in Computer Science
  • Diploma in Information Technology