Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) Courses Offered

By | June 14, 2023

Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) Courses Offered

Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) Courses Offered

Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) offer foundational education, specialized knowledge and multi-faceted learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Also introducing various initiatives to help students better understand themselves, strengthen their foundation in core subjects, and learn through engagement and collaboration.

Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) PROGRAMMES OFFERED

  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Master of Medicine
  • Master of Social Work
  • Master of Science in Public Health
  • Diploma in Nursing – Pre-service
  • Diploma in Nursing – in service
  • Master of Medicine (MMED)
  • Master of Science in Public Health (MSCPH)
  • Master of Social Work (MSW)

Postgraduate Programmes Offered


HKMU offers a Master of Medicine Degree programme in the following specialities:

  • MMed Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • MMed General Surgery
  • MMed Internal Medicine
  • MMed Paediatrics and Child Health

Entry requirements:

Holder of a good MD or MBChB degree or equivalent, normally with at least a B grade in the subject intended for specialization. Working experience of one year as a Medical Officer, after a one-year internship.

Duration of the programme: 3 years.


The programme has strong components of clinical research, non-communicable Diseases (NCDs), and International/Global Health, in addition to conventional topics covered by conventional Master of Public Health (MPH) courses.

An in-depth coverage of approaches to scientific clinical research, NCDs and international/global health imparts the scientific basis and takes the course steps higher than the conventional MPH course. Check: Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) Application Forms

Graduates from MScPH will be well-equipped to face current health challenges and will be highly marketable regionally and globally and respond appropriately to the changing epidemiology of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Entry Requirements:

  • Holders of Doctor of Medicine (MD) or equivalent, BSc. Nursing, BSc. Environmental Health, BSc. Laboratory Technology or equivalent, Doctor of Dental Surgery, and Bachelor of Pharmacy or equivalent. Nurses and pharmacists must have obtained at least a lower second class.
  • Graduates of recognized universities with at least a lower second class in health-related fields of study such as but not limited to health statistics, health economics, epidemiology, demography, biology, nutrition, food science, and health information sciences. Working experience with communities in health-related fields at a district or higher level would be advantageous.

Duration of the programme: 18 months.


The MSW programme is designed to respond to the existing and emerging social work issues, thus making it the first of its own kind in Tanzania, focusing on limitless social aspects of health.

HKMU is among the higher learning institutions in Tanzania, whose MSW programme contributes substantially in to increasing the number of highly trained social workers and therefore, enhances the quality of social work profession in the country.

Entry Requirements:

  • Applicants to the MSW program are required to have a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) or Advanced Diploma in Social Work (ADSW) from recognized Universities/ Colleges, with an upper second class score or above.
  • Applicants to the MSW programme (Foundation), are required to have any Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized Universities/ Colleges, with an upper second-class score or above.

In exceptional cases, applicants with Lower Second Class Degree in Social Work may be considered for admission to the MSW programme, upon submission of three years of working experience in social care settings.

Duration of the Programme:

  • Firstly, 1 year (full-time – evening programme), for candidates with background studies in Social Work, who will study the programme for two semesters, whereby the first semester shall cover course work and the Field Practicum, and the second semester, research/dissertation.
  • Secondly, 18 months (full-time evening programme), for candidates whose first degree is not in Social Work), will study the MSW programme for 18 months.


Applicants for Master of Medicine, Master of Science in Public Health and Master of Social Work are requested to apply directly to HKMU.

Applicants should send application letters with a non-refundable fee of Tshs.50,000/= or USD 50.00, by postal money order or cash payment to the University Bursar. Application forms can be downloaded from the HKMU website: or by paying a visit to the Admissions Office at HKMU.

Please send your application form to:

Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs,
Hubert Kairuki Memorial University,
70 Chwaku Steet, P. O. Box 65300, Dar es Salaam.
Tel. 255-22-2700021/4, Fax: 255-22-2775591,
E-mail: or

Applications must reach the University no later than 31st July of every year. New students will be admitted in September/October of every year. Students seeking sponsorship from the Government are advised to send a copy of their application to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.