Kampala International University School of Pharmacy

By | February 13, 2020

The Bachelor of Pharmacy programme is offered on a full time basis and consists of both theory and practical courses taught during each semester. 

The practicals are covered in labs based in the School and in a series of field visits to locally-based facilities (botanical gardens, health centres, biotechnology plants) during the semester. 

At the end of the semester (during recess terms), students are placed as interns either in hospitals, community pharmacies, or pharmaceutical industries for additional practical experience where they are supervised by hospital/community pharmacy/industry-based professionals. There are 5 to 8 courses taught during each semester of the academic year. The minimum credit units (CU) for each course offered is 3, while the maximum is 5.
All the courses offered on the programme are core. One CU is equivalent to 15 Contact Hours (CH). A Contact Hour is equivalent to one Lecture Hour or two hours of Tutorial or three hours of Practical/Fieldwork. Units are not measured in decimals. The smallest CU is 2 and the maximum CU is 6, mainly for heavily practical course units.

Academic Programmes

B.SC Pharmacy

PhD Pharmacy
Master of Science Pharmacy
Bachelor of Pharmacy

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