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By | February 12, 2020

The Bachelor of Laws program at Kampala International University is a four-year intensive academic program combining both theoretical and practical methods. The content of the curriculum is delivered to students through lectures, tutorials, clinicals, case studies and group presentations. In the first year, students are exposed to 13 course units all of which are core subjects. Similarly, 10 core course units are taught in the second year. In the third and fourth years, there are fewer core courses, allowing students to specialize in preferred areas of law. However, students are required to have registered for a minimum of 25 credit units in a semester.

Courses Offered


Philosophy of the Programme

The school aspires to be a leader in the provision of postgraduate training to students in an ethical, disciplined environment, and to prepare them for the challenges encountered in the legal world generally. Students are prepared to use their advanced training for the pursuit of justice and equality in their communities. The training enables our students to conduct sound intellectual analysis of events, and develop critical research skills for service to themselves, the profession, and the society. 

Admission Requirement

Requirements for obtaining the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) Degree

Courses in the Bachelor of Law (LL.B) programme are classified as follows:
(a) A core course for which a student must be registered and must pass in order to be awarded the Degree.
(b) An elective course which may be taken to make up the minimum credit requirements of the Degree.
(c) A pre-requisite course, which a student must take before a related higher level course can be taken. A student must score at least 50% before moving to the next level course.

For a student to qualify for the award of the LL.B Degree, such a student must obtain a Cumulative Grade Point (CGPA) of at least 2.0 and complete a total of 200 credits, each credit being equivalent to 15 contact hours per Semester. A student in the LL.B Programme shall not carry less than 25 credit units in a semester. A student is permitted to re-take a maximum of two courses or credit units.

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