Kibaale District Vacancies

By | January 23, 2020

Kibaale district was created on 20th March 1991 being curved from Hoima District. It is comprised of the former lost counties of Buyaga and Bugangaizi that had been annexed to Buganda kingdom in appeasement for their collaboration to British against Kabalega-the then King of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom in 1884.

There after administration of the two counties was under full control of Buganda chiefs under Mubende  district. In 1964, following a referendum held in Lancaster conference in London, the lost counties were overwhelmingly voted back to Bunyoro Kingdom under Hoima district.

Before the creation of Kibaale district, service delivery was very poor for two counties as the headquarters were quite far away but since 1991 when Kibaale was granted a district status, there has been tremendous improvement in service delivery.

The first district chairperson was called Hon.Micheal Mwanje (1991-2001), followed by Hon.Ssekitoleko Ssali-RIP (2001-2006), Hon.Fred Rulemera (1 month-2006), Hon.Namyaka George William (2006-2016) and Hon.Amara Peter 12th .May.2016 to date.

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