Kisiizi School of Nursing

By | February 14, 2020

Recruitment of students is usually done once a year, in May with interviews in April. Eligible students are those who have completed ‘O’ Level education. ‘A’ Level is an added advantage. The candidate should have attained the required minimum educational standard not more than three years ago. Age limit is 18 years and above. The candidates have to satisfy an interview panel that is selected by the Selection/ Recruitment Committee of the school. The candidates are also subjected to a written examination and a viva

Courses Offered

Students at Kisiizi School of Nursing have had an outstanding performance since the school started. Many groups have successfully passed. The school has run the government’s comprehensive nurse training, including training in maternity, medical, surgical, Orthopaedic, rehabilitation, paediatrics, and psychiatry and also community.

We also have a variety of clinics such as child health and immunisation, ante-natal, HIV/AIDs clinic, eye clinic, and outpatient clinics. Furthermore, each group of students has an opportunity to get comparative experience from an urban hospital. This highly enriches their approaches to patients’ care. It is a busy programme so expect hard work.

During training, students are under close supervision by clinical instructors and ward staff. The students also benefit from the presence of western doctors and nurses who work in the hospital. This adds a unique aspect to their training.

Contact Details

Kisiizi School of Nursing is located in the South-Western region of Uganda in Rukungiri district, Rubabo County, Nyarushanje sub-county. It is a distance of about 380 kilometers from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The School and Hospital is surrounded by beautiful hills, water streams and has a water fall feature from which our electricity comes from


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