Kotido District Vacancies

By | January 15, 2020

This website is a medium of communication between Kotido District Local Government and her Clients. It specifies the various departments, services, commitments and standards for the delivery of services and sets out feedback mechanisms for improved service delivery.

 The District recognizes the potential benefits of using the website as a tool to drive change towards a more customer focused approach throughout the service delivery levels.

It is therefore envisaged that the website, if properly used, will go a long way in increasing the Institution’s efficiency, effectiveness and economic use of the available scarce resources. This website is linked to other official social media accounts such as Face book. Twitter and What’s Up. It contains the resource constrained District Development Plan and Budget Framework papers and will finally be

All of the sub-counties have significant vulnerability to disaster, accumulating risk from these hazards. Kacheri and Kotido sub-counties have the highest risks, and Rengen is distinguished by manifesting all twelve hazards. This aggregated vulnerability to several hazards at once compounds the exposure to disaster risk and the complexity of managing it. Kotido Town Council has the lowest risk but still aggregates significant vulnerability to most of the hazards.

How to Apply for Kotido District Vacancies

Apply for Kotido District Vacancies

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