Kyambogo University Faculty of Education

By | May 19, 2022

Kyambogo University Faculty of Education

Kyambogo University Faculty of Education – Read details below:

The Faculty of Education offers a wide range of professional programmes in Education, Guidance and Counseling and Development Studies. We aim at producing relevant personnel for secondary schools, Primary Teachers Colleges, National Teachers Colleges, Educational Departments both at district and national levels and other related institutions. Guidance and Counseling programmes aim at producing professionals to work in educational, occupational, health, social and security institutions. The Development Studies programmes aim at producing professionals who are to work in civil society organizations as well as government departments with a focus on achieving holistic individual and national development. The graduates in educational planning and management are trained for the purpose of promoting quality institutional management with a view to enhancing quality education and quality personnel relationships.

For more detailed information about specific programmes you are also invited to visit departmental web pages. We now invite you to look at our current profile and future expectations.

Kyambogo University Faculty of Education Profile

The Faculty of Education is one of the Faculties in the University. It is sometimes referred to as the Faculty because of the central role it plays in professional training of Teachers and Educationists. A part from training Teachers and Tutors, the Faculty trains professionals in the areas of Development Studies and Guidance and Counseling.

The Faculty offers courses in professional subjects at two levels. First all students who are training as teachers for pre-primary, primary, secondary schools and Teacher take core Professional Studies courses from this Faculty. Secondly educational subjects like Foundations of Education, Psychology and Educational Administration are offered as electives for in-depth study and research to students in sister Faculties within the University.

Kyambogo University Faculty of Education Mission

Our mission is To produce Graduates who are competent and ethically committed for purposes of enhancing quality education, quality mental and social health and wholesome individual and national development both for Uganda and other sister nations.

Departments in the Faculty of Education Currently the Faculty has the following departments;

  • Teacher Education and Development Studies
  •  Psychology
  •  Foundations of Education
  •  Educational Planning and Management
  •  Distance Education