Kyambogo University KYU Application For Central Registration

By | June 4, 2022
Kyambogo University

Kyambogo University KYU Application For Central Registration

ALL STUDENTS: Call for Central Registration

This is to inform you that the University has organized a central registration exercise for the academic year semester two and semester one. This exercise is targeting all Kyambogo University students (both fresh and continuing) whose registration records are not up-to-date.

The exercise is scheduled for June 6th 2024 and shall run for two (2) weeks up to 17th June 2024 at the Central Teaching Facility room 106.

You are hereby requested to report to the registration venue on 6th June 2024 to execute this function for your respective students.

A. Fresh Students

All fresh students should strictly adhere to the following registration guidelines. Read and internalize these guidelines to prepare yourself for the registration exercise.

  1. Pick at least (3) copies of Registration Forms from any photocopiers within the university
  2. Fill out the registration forms and attach passport photos and photocopies of the following documents on each of the three (3) forms in the order they are listed below:
  • Admission letter.
  • Uganda Certificate of Education (0-Level) or equivalent result slip and certificate.
  • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (A-Level) or equivalent result slip and certificate.
  • Diploma transcript and certificate (For Certificate/Diploma scheme entrants only).
  • Identity card from previous Schools/Institutions.
  • Passport and student pass (For International students only).
  • Birth Certificate/National Identity Card.
  • UNHCR Refugee Pass (For refugee students only).
  1. Present evidence of payment for the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE).

Other Important things to note:

  • Only admitted and fully paid-up persons will be registered.
  • Only candidates who present all the mandatory documents in the 3 above will be registered.
  • Students who lost their result slips or certificates must have letters of verification of results from UNEB.
  • Keen your original documents in secure and safe places at all times
  • You are strongly warned against presenting forged academic documents for verification.
  • The consequences, if discovered, are very grave.

B. Continuing Students

  1. All continuing students who have never gone through the verification exercise should follow the guidelines for the fresh students stated in A above.
  2. Continuing students who went through verification but did not do self-registration in the first semester of their stay in the university shall also follow the guidelines for the fresh students in A above.
  3. All students whose registration status is not up-to-date should report to the registration venue to update/ regularize their registration.

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